Perpetual motion a reality?

Well it's certainly activated my "Male Cow Poop" Detector any way.

I tend to worry when a revolutionary development that would change the fundamental theories on engergy conservation and production are launched on a website from a bloke who wears a duffel coat and no tie instead of global headlines in the worlds press and huge public aclaim.

Let's be honest, if this was real then the guys at the Copenhagen climate sumit may just as well go home and save themselves the bother. Free energy has been the holy grail of science for many years.

Not convinced.
Well it defies the laws of physics but if it's a hoax, it's an elaborate one.

They've been going on about it for years and the last time it was in the press (2006), it was roundly dismissed.
About as real as this...

Charles Redheffer raised large sums of money in Philadelphia with a perpetual motion machine and then took it to New York in 1813, where hundreds paid a dollar each to see it.

It did, indeed, seem to keep itself turning. In the end, skeptics removed some wooden strips to find a cat-gut belt drive, which went through a wall to an attic where an old man was turning a crank.

Scientific Scams

Anyone else remember the "cold fusion" hoax of the late 80's?
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