Paul Di Resta gets test with McLaren


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The McLaren Mercedes team will run British driver Paul di Resta during four days of testing later in October.
Good news for Paul although I can't see it translating into a seat for him in 2009.

McLaren have already confirmed Lewis and Heikki haven't they?

If McLaren can tie up the WDC and WCC before the last race, it would be great if they stick him in one of the cars for the finale in Brazil.
Not sure if he has the correct licence though so doubt very much that would happen.

More from Autosport here:
Well now that Force India is being supplied with engine, gearbox and KERS from McLaren/Mercedes from 2009 [SOURCE], I wonder if this will open up the door for Paul di Resta?

Although Force India have confirmed their driver line-up for next year, I doubt it would be too much of a problem to replace either Sutil or Fisichella.
Of course, that would depend how he performed during testing.

Update: "McLaren have dropped a firm hint that they will recommend who their preferred drivers are for new team partners Force India, but have insisted they will not impose their will on the Silverstone-based team."
If he gets a seat in F1 i hope it works out for him otherwise it'll be a repeat of what happened to Gary Paffett and he'll end up somewhere down the grid at DTM in a 2-3 year old car
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