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Found this video that I thought you might enjoy.

For those of you that are recent-ish converts to F1 this is what us old gits are banging on about when we moan about aero and DRS

Mute the sound unless you really love Euro Trance

#1 is my fave overtake of all time and cannot agree enough with the sentiment at the end

Great video Spesh.In this case its one of the few occassions I use the experssion"back in my day" Real racing.
Good video. Thanks for the share. It's littered with quotes such as "hits maximum turbo boost" and "primes the boost button" which makes me question the video's use as a statement against DRS, That music is hell. Enjoyable watch, though.
Whilst I enjoy "real" overtakes, I don't think back-markers should be permitted to interfere with the front runners or influence a race.

Indeed, but even with blue flags they still do, Canada 2010 and 2011 come to mind.

It annoys me though, it's a hard position to be in. You could be racing for vital points but you could lose out to the guy your chasing as you have to let a faster guy past.

Or you could be much faster but there is no room for you to overtake the slower car at a certain point of the track that's about to get lapped and therefore lose time and lose the race while the guy behind can overtake him with ease on a straight and gain time and win.

Back when I was racing the latter even with blue flags was the most frustrating, but when you are at the back at trying to make a name for yourself or if your jobs on the line it's just as bad.
Another great video from mattikake. The rule change he's talking about here are the blue flag rules.

Nevertheless, we still get some nice opportunist overtaking these days. Hamilton on Webber at Hungary comes to mind.
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