Poll Out of Ten - 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

2014 Brazilian Grand Prix out of Ten

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Well, the last few laps were tense!! Not too many stand-out moments, but a relatively close race.

And at least the championship would go down to the final race even if it was single points in Abu Dhabi.
Decent race. Fight with KR and FA was great. Massa on the podium. Shame Lewis never made the move cause that would of been a 10.

Just a 7.
Some good battles although not enough non-DRS passes or attempts at non-DRS passes. Is this the first time Nico has beaten Lewis on the track?
Better racing than last week, Ferrari battles and a sustained Merc battle spiced it up. Hamiltons failure to win was down to him pushing to hard nothing more, at least it's a grand stand finish next time.
Am holding on scoring due to the fact that I heard it on Radio 5 (along with a lot of football crap). Tried the usual online stream but Norton wouldn't allow it - that's what I pay for.

Sounded OK but not as exciting as it should be, given the positions in WDC.
Good race that kept my interest for its entire duration, world champs battling one another beautifully towards the end made it a jolly good show all round. A fine 7 from me.
Good racing esp in the midfield but lost a couple of points for me as there was still no wheel to wheel dueling at the front.....although I suppose thats because Nico never gave Lewis a sniff of a chance to outbreak him and with both being on the same strategy there was no tension about tyres either....
Good close racing throughout with a tense battle between the Mercs. Didn't quite get into that next level so a 7
A gripping 8 for me. Would have been 7.5 but rounded up. It held my interest that something was going to happen at the front. Would have been higher had Lewis/Nico actually attacked/defended.
about 7 - different strategies but really the race only came alive when Hamilton attacked and then locked up and put on a charge which actually deserved a brave overtake and sealing the title in process as well
It was OK. Lewis pushed a bit too hard to try to win the race, but at least he tried, and you can't fault that. Nico drove as fast as he needed to after that, so it wasn't as tense as it could have been. Fairly enjoyable otherwise. Raikkonen and Alonso was fun, and there were a few other little battles going on. A solid 7.
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