Out of ten - 2012 Spanish Grand Prix

2012 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

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Vote only based on the entertainment of the race, not any other factors, Hamilton-related or not.
8 for me - Considering it was Barcelona, it had excellent racing, and close battles that weren't devalued by DRS making it too simple.
9 from me.Some good midfield battles.And a great drive from "pay driver" Maldonado and a win for Frank on his 70th birthday
I do have to score it down slightly because the grid wasn't reflective. However because of that I do believe this was a fantastic race that wouldn't have been as good if someone else was at the front! 8 from me.
Very interesting and entertaining race! 8 from me

The cynical side of me could suggest that it was made a good race by not having the fastest at the front, and a Hispanic driver beating a Spanish one in Spain to win for the first time. Great for the sport in general

But fantastic entertainment and a truly enjoyable race with the game very much on!
9 - Best race of the season, overtaking throughout the grid, no-one walking away at the front and with 5 laps to go it was still unclear who was going to win the race.
8 for me.
Good race but somehow this is always the one track where the old problem of drivers finding it difficult to follow each other in dirty air re-surfaces, whereas it normally matters less these days now that tyre degradation is more important. That problem was still on display here. The race between the front two and then the front three would have been more exciting throughout if they had been able to actually attempt moves on each other on the track.
8 from me.

Kind of lacking action from 4th to 8th, then 12th-16th.

Some good overtakes, but most of them where down to fresher tyres, the battle for the lead was exciting, one guy gets held up by a backmarker then the other, then the slow pitstop, then a man possessed chasing another man that's possessed.

Champions drives from several drivers, the top 3, then Vettel and Hamilton. Could throw in that mad Japanese fella aswell.
The overtaking total will be around half that of last season. Not sure if that is surprising at all. I'd forgotten last year's was so high, to be honest.

There were also the fewest moves within the top 5 positions of all races this season so far.
So far this season I think the DRS zones have been much better planned than last year's. We haven't seen too many ridiculously easy DRS passes 200 yards or so before the braking area.The benefit of a year's experience of the system maybe?
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