Our first anniversary - Happy Birthday to CTA


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Gentlemen and Ladies

Clip The Apex is coming up for it's first birthday at the beginning of June - a truly momentous occasion which should be celebrated in an equally grand fashion.

Since it is a community site, it would be great to have the input of those who have kept it going over the last year - so all suggestions would be very welcome.

A virtual cake - :birthday: perhaps?

A virtual party - :cheers: ?

A virtual race - :1st: - ah, yes, some already do that!

Streamers, banners, booze, cake and what else? You decide and we can all have some fun on the 4 June.

But let's remember that none of this would have been possible without Brogan and his tireless work to make the site what it is today and to pull in the growing band of members. Not to mention his ability to coerce normally sane people in to helping him out!! LOL . To everyone involved, a very big thank you. :thumbsup:

So come on - ideas on a postcard as soon as possible please - it's only 20 days away.
Thanks Jen :)

Wow, only 20 days? Feels like it's been going for years the amount of time I spend coding it.... :D

I would like to say that without the members then the site would be nothing so it's very much a group effort and the ongoing involvement is appreciated :thumbsup:

However, special mentions must go to Gav for his ongoing help with the coding and design in his unofficial (and unpaid :whistle: ) role of "Site Developer" LOL
GM for the months of work he spent on the F1 database, not to mention his invaluable knowledge.
c_a_t for keeping everyone in order and again his input into the database, along with frog-n-flymo and slickskid.

Cheers all :cheers:
Well that's what we're aiming for but it's only 2 weeks away so it's going to be tight.
I had no idea it was coming up for 1 year, if I had perhaps I would have started sooner :D
Thanks McZ :)

And thanks to everyone for sticking around for so long, especially when we had the horrible old design :D
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