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Sorry Brogan, I've another problem. I can't access the various sub forums at my pc. i can opening the last posted thread in onthe homepage but the subforums themselves take me back to the home page. The same happens if i click on the 'path' towards the top of the screen. Pc is running win7 x86 with ie10.
There was a problem earlier between 1230 and 1500 due to a malformed .htaccess rewrite rule but that has now been resolved.

Which links are you unable to access as everything seems to work for me.

Is anyone else still experiencing problems?

I made some changes earlier, did a quick check and then disappeared to the gym.
It was only when I returned that I realised it wasn't actually working and every link on the site was redirected back to the main page.

For those of you who are interested, I added this to the .htaccess file:
RewriteRule ^(pages/|home|news)? / [R=301,L]

When it should have been this:
RewriteRule ^pages/(home|news)/? / [R=301,L]
I'm having problems if I don't log in. If I log in, everything works fine. If I don't log in, nothing works at all.
That's likely just browser cache.

I have fully tested everything since the problem yesterday and it all works - just tested again now logged in and logged out to double check.

Try clearing your cache either by CTRL+F5 or using the menu option.
I'm not sure why Brogan why I could access properly the 1st night but since then it is all inaccessible from my pc, though my tablet accesses it fine. I have followed your above advice on clearing browser cache.
I'm not sure what else to suggest.

Everything seems to be working fine and no-one else is experiencing the problem any longer so it can only be related to the browser on your PC.
Clearing the cache should have sorted it.

Does it happen from all browsers on your PC?
Try installing Chrome if you haven't already done so, or Firefox.
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