Caption Competition Number 1

Who wins the British GP Caption Competition

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Saw this interesting photo from the British Grand Prix and thought we could amuse ourselves with a caption competition.

The winning entry, decided by a poll after 1 week posting will get to upload a new photo after the next GP.

So, starting with this weekends photograph


What do you think is being said here?

Don't be shy now... Jenson isn't lol
Jenson's saying: "Lewis, can you see my tongue yet?"


Simple way to pick a winner is to give a cut-off time for entries, pick the best 5 and create a poll.
Good idea Brogan .. we can maybe organise a Poll next Sunday and the winner can choose the next photo.

My caption?

Jenson to Lewis "Don't know what you are smirking about Lewis, you're next!"
Lewis to Jenson, "Eek! I thought you said it was a triathlon, not a try-anything-on!My Dad said that I'm not allowed!"
Coulthard: 'I don't mind the peck on the cheek, but Lewis if you don't move you're ****ing hand.............'
'Coulthard's fantasy of the British GP's podium ceremony on Sunday was somewhat off the mark'.
hamilton smiles and has the last laugh as button and coulthard fall for the old superglue trick!
Jenson was obviously confused after Lewis had told him if he thought for one minute he would take part in that triathlon he could kiss his arse

Cast your vote by Friday for the winning British GP caption.
Winner to upload next photograph (please)
You've only got two more days to vote .. and its cider_and_toast so far by a short lead :snigger:
Dear all. I am well chuffed to have won the caption competition.

I have read the instructions on putting pictures on here and can honestly say I haven't a clue. :)

I would gladly pass the opportunity to any one to stick another caption worthy picture on to this thread as it may take me some time to work out exaclty how it's done


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