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A new tagging feature has been installed (in an attempt to cut down on the quote alerting).

To alert a member, simply type @ followed by their member name, with no space; if you wanted to alert me you would type @Brogan.
A list of matched user names will appear which will gradually reduce as you type more characters.

Either select the name from the list or complete it manually by typing it out in full.

Then just compose the rest of your post as normal and when it is submitted the member will receive an alert.

Up to 10 members can be alerted in a single post.

To turn off alerts for yourself, uncheck the options in your Alert Preferences:

Please note that tagging is not supported in conversations where it's not really required.
I can see an amendment of the rules being needed in regards to its use combined with the quote rule.

For instance over use as in using it to carry out a conversation on a thread those things should be left to the start conversation option.

Or someone thinking they have something so interesting to say they feel the need to tag all of their mates at the same time.

Stuff like that...
Mephistopheles - that would surely be against the spirit of the rules, no?

But as we all know (from the EBD crisis/crises, the f-duct and the DDRS in recent and current history) the rules are as written, not as intended !:snigger:
If someone is abusing the tagging feature and annoying you, either turn off alerts for tagging or contact the member in question and ask them to stop.

If they persist, contact a moderator.
It is definitely an asset to the forum hopefully it is here to stay and solves the over use of quoting, problem which I think it is already starting to do...
I think it's probably being over used a little at the moment, but that's because it's new.

I have found it useful myself several times, to alert members to a specific post, even in threads they may not have posted in or ever read.

I expect usage will drop off slightly as the novelty wears off.
We will be upgrading the tagging functionality soon to add some new features.
During this time tagging will be unavailable but it shouldn't be too long.
The upgrade is complete.

Tagging is now supported on profile posts, profile post comments and statuses.
it still doesn't work in Conversations or Chat.

The auto complete function will now also work with usernames with spaces in them; with the old version, typing e.g. "The P" would have removed the drop down list, now it will remain.

The previous version had a limit of 10 tags per post for all members.
With this version we are able to set individual maximums per user group, so all active members can still tag 10 people per post, Contributors 15, Premium Contributors 25 and Staff 50.
Not that I can envisage anyone ever needing to tag more than 10 people really.

There is also the option of allowing user groups to be tagged, which would alert every member of that group, but I haven't enabled that (yet) as I can't see a good reason for it.
One possible use would be to add all of the players for FF1 into a special group and they could be alerted for certain things such as bonus games, etc.
Great. I noticed that the tagging came out as one of, if not the, most used features of the site in your recent poll. Glad it has been such a success.
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