Name the forum competition


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The general motorsport forums are currently called "4 Wheels" and "2 Wheels".
I picked these names as I couldn't really think of anything else.

However, I think you'll all agree that they're just a bit, well.....rubbish.

Until the number of members and posts pick up, this is where all general motorsport chat will be.
When a particular series warrants it (based on number of posts) then I''ll create a new dedicated forum.

Until then, now's your chance to name the 2 general forums - 1 for Cars and 1 for Bikes.

The best 5 names for each forum will be put into a poll and everyone will get to vote on their favourite.

Please submit your suggestions by Monday 14 July.

The poll will then run until Saturday 19 July.
4 Wheels forum = Tin Tops, Rag Tops and Open Tops

2 Wheels forum = No cars, just handle bars
cider_and_toast I'm really liking those for the tag lines (the bit under the forum title).
In fact, think I'll use them now.....

I'd prefer something a bit shorter for the main forum title though.
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