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Maintaining two styles (light and dark) is starting to become a time consuming process.

Every time there is an upgrade or a new feature introduced, I need to check both styles and tweak them to match.
The dark style was set up in a bit of a hurry so it doesn't work well in many areas, and it now takes up more time than the light style to manage and integrate.

In addition, rebuilding the templates after a change or an upgrade takes significantly longer with two styles.

That being the case, I would like to move to a single style, which will suit everyone, although I appreciate that some compromises will be necessary.

Those of you who use the dark style currently, can you say what it is you don't like about the light style and what it is you do like about the dark style?

In reality, there are only a few minor differences between the two, a shade darker here and there and a darker page background.

Those of you who use the light style, what changes would you not like to see?

If we can reconcile those we can just have a single style which will make it a lot easier going forward.
For me, there's not much difference - I only really adopted the dark style because I like to be different! So merging tthem into one gets a thumbs up from me.
Light? What is Light?



Personally I much prefer the dark look, but if it's too much hassle Bro then I'm fine with using whatever. After all I'm here for the site, the design doesn't bother me particularly. I'm not fussy.
I use the dark style because I think it works better on the eyes. For that reason only I would like the site to be as dark as possible whilst still allowing for black text.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Bearing in mind the current light style was meticulously designed over several months thrown together quickly in a few days, it's an evolving thing so it can still be changed going forwards.
My design skills are fairly dire though, so just getting it to this stage is a feat in itself!

I only really adopted the dark style because I like to be different!

Awkward bugger :D

Style of what, exactly?

Until a few days ago I only knew of light, but I like dark much better
Is it just the darker side panels you like as the actual colours are more or less identical.

Personally I much prefer the dark look
Any bit in particular, or just the overall darker tone?

I can try some darker side panels and see if that improves the light style at all.
Just to clarify, we can't keep the dark style as it's a child of the light style.

So the dark style would be removed and the light style can be edited (wherever possible) to try and make it more pleasing to those who use the dark style.

(Ever wish you'd never implemented something in the first place... :D)

P.S. The page background colour for the light style is actually F1F1F1 which was the basis for the whole colour palette. 8-)
Basically the dark style feels like it has 'edges' or borders. On 'light', the transition from the main area where text is put, to the outer reaches of the page, is minimal. On dark, you have that green outer edge which keeps things more focussed towards the centre of the page. Same goes with the area around avatars ; it just feels more contrasting and to me looks cleaner. 'Light' is too bright, just generally, it's unusually white and isn't visually appealing in my opinion.
I didn't know I was in such exclusive company here on the dark side. I prefer it, but hey... not a big deal.
From what I can tell then, the main issue seems to be the light coloured side panels.

That can be changed easily enough so I'll do that and then we'll go from there until we reach a reasonable compromise.

What that will mean though is deactivating and deleting the dark style and focussing on a single style.
I use the dark style because I think it works better on the eyes.
It's actually more tiring to use a dark site than a light site.
This is because the pupils have to open wider to let in more light, therefore putting the eye muscles under constant strain.

That's why you should never watch the TV in a dark room, you should always have some ambient light on.
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