Motorsport and the Olympics


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While I am sat here watching the Olympic games I started thinking would we ever see motorsport included in the Olympics. Since we now see sports that are usually associated with proffesionalism (football, tennis etc) it wouldn't be unprecedented for Motor racing to be included.

There currently exists the self styled world cup of motor racing in the shape of A1 GP. It would be easy enough for the FIA to provide the IOC (I know so many TLA's*) with a couple of dozen single seaters. There could be some knock out heats and then a final.

The question is would it work? Would you want to see it ?? What does everyone reckon ???


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For an event thats held once every four years i'm not sure that purely single seaters would work to be honest but always going to be happy to watch motorsport whatever the occasion.

Maybe something along the format of race of champions?

Or even if you want to mix the sports up a bit ala superleauge formula (not really) why not have a top gear syle "5 small car a side" football competition. that i think would be fun to watch assuming countries could find the drivers!
Actually its an idea that has been bounded around before my the Olympics commite said it would never happen because the olympics is all about the human effort and if cars ended up retiring because of mechanical problems then it would take away from the oplympics.
Motorsport is in the Olympics - watch the ~Kiaron - it's got a shite excuse of a motor-bike which the cyclists sit behind for a million laps before starting to bit of their own effort in (lazy or what) >:(
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