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The new season is almost upon us and the testing times look ominous for everyone who's name isn't Valentino.

It will be good to see a fully fit Stoner back again against Rossi and how will the inter team rivalry between Valle and George Lawrence pan out?

And of course the huge news in the off season..................

No more Suzi Perry on the BBC

She's to be replaced with Jennie Gow........ could be worse I suppose ;)

An excellent win for Rossi. :)

What happened to Stoner? I know he crashed, but.... :dunno:

I bet the crowd were disappointed that Stoner crashed! Oh wait, there was no crowd!* :no:

*As far I could see. All those empty grandstands... Oh wait, there were no grandstands! :rolleyes:
That was a good race, from start to finish...........
---Who strapped those rockets onto Pedrosa's bike at the start? That was one heck of a start he had............ :o :o :o
---WTH happened to Stoner? He's leading the race and crashes out.....not a good way to start the year, ain't it? :doh:
---Mad props to Americans' Nicky Hayden and Ben Spies. Hayden w/his 4th might've finally figured out how to ride the big-bang Ducati and Spies' 5th was highest for a rookie in the race(if Spies does half as well this year in MotoGP as he did last year in World Superbike, there has to be a race win somewhere down the road for the Texan........)
---All in all, this was a good race and congrats to the Doctor on winning in Qatar! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Moto GP, there's a case to be made for it being the least interesting of all three classes.

Silverstone is, at the moment, a microcosm of the season. Lorenzo (barring crashes and the occasional inspired ride) is walking away in the lead; Stoner and Pedrosa aren't consistent enough to mount a proper challenge and everyone else is either on inferior machinery or just not good enough. One of the biggest issues is that the grid is miniscule, the track looks empty, especially when you've just watched 30-odd Moto2 bikes pouring through the turns.

It must be slightly worrying for Dorna that their championship is so clearly reliant on Rossi for any kind of competition/action. I know there are other interesting battles (De Puniet is giving us something decent to watch at the moment for example) but am I the only one who thinks that the Rossi absence has thrown all the deficiencies into stark focus?
I would generally agree with that.

Without the Rossi/Lorenzo battle the rest of the season risks becoming very predictable and unexciting.

Congratulations however to Ben Spies who has just scored his first podium, fighting off Nicky Hayden to do so.
The battle for second was pretty good for the last few laps, good to see Nicky Hayden in contention again, but I can't help thinking that that battle would probably be for fifth place under more normal circumstances.

Spies looks like being a genuine contender in the future, with all the talk from Rossi and Yamaha about contracts for the next couple of seasons it's looking more likely that he's going to be Rossi's replacement in the factory team. Simoncelli finished well too, got ahead of Pedrosa (albeit carrying injuries) on one of the factory bikes.

13 finishers in the main race, there must be something to be done, there's no shortage of teams looking to go racing but they're obviously being put off by something, presumably the expense.
Bullfrog said:
Which one is the Texas Tornado, I get a bit confused, aren't they all from Texas?

It's Ben Spies' nickname from his days riding in AMA Pro Racing(where he and Mat Mladin pretty much massacred' the rest of the field during most of the last decade). It's also Colin Edwards' nickname, but you could use it for either rider. 8-)
I'm not going completely mental then, what is it with Texas and Finland that they can only ever have one soubriquet. Also, is Nicky Hayden accent typical of, well, anywhere? It's kind of camp but also not (if you see what I mean) he sounds like an incredibly well spoken Texan with an odd sibilance thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, good to see those two near the front again, it's been too long in Nickys case.
Winning Form Continues at Assen for Lorenzo

For the fourth time this year, Fiat Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo won, and again in dominating fashion at "MotoGP's Cathedral", the TT Assen Circuit. Lorenzo just dominated the race from wire-to-wire; no one seemed to have anything for him; about the only ones who did(Dani Pedrosa, Ben Spies and Casey Stoner) couldn't stay close enough at various times of the event to challenge Lorenzo.

Another impressive performance by Spies, who finished 4th(IIRC, Spies won at Assen in World Superbike last year) and has really impressed everyone in the MotoGP paddock. Here are the results from Assen as the series moves along to Cataluyna.............
From what I've read around the 'net, MotoGP fans are becoming as bored of this season as F1 fans were last season or when Schumacher was dominating.

Without Rossi there really is no-one to challenge Lorenzo.
Brogan said:
From what I've read around the 'net, MotoGP fans are becoming as bored of this season as F1 fans were last season or when Schumacher was dominating.

Without Rossi there really is no-one to challenge Lorenzo.

That's about the the question at each MotoGP event isn't "Who can beat Jorge Lorenzo?" but "Who wants to join him on the podium?" :o :o :o :o :o :o
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