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Some nice aerial shots from the chopper today. The circuit looks like it's "matured" quite nicely and doesn't look as featureless these days. It's a huge track for bikes, though. Plenty of width for alternative lines for overtaking. I don't normally broadcast my predictions but I think Moto2 will be the best race again this weekend. The 125's and 800's will most likely spread out into processions with just a bit of dicing going on in the mid field 'bunches'. Too much attrition in the 800's field already what with injuries being carried around. Hope I'm wrong about the processions but ...
Ten riders did not complete the race due to crashes or retirement, including Claudio Corti (Italtrans Racing) and Simone Corsi (Ioda Racing Project) who had a spectacular collision mid race, and Yonny Hernández (Blusens-STX) receiving a disqualification. Axel Pons was conscious but taken to the medical center for further checks on his condition.
Last round of the season at Valencia this weekend. Loris Capirossi retires after 22 seasons in Grands Prix motorcycle racing. Says he's happy with his career and has no regrets. He will be riding with Marco Simoncelli's No.58 plate after which that number will be retired as well. Sic's dad sees it as an honour for Loris to pay tribute this way.

Today's free practise sessions have seen quite a few spills in all three classes due to the weather. In MGP, Stoner fastest in morning practise, Bautista fastest in a wet second session this afternoon. Lorenzo not racing this weekend again although there is a rumour to suggest otherwise (we shall see).

Moto2: de Angelis fastest in the afternoon followed by Iannone and Raffaele de la Rosa. Bradl topped the dry session but way down the order in the wet. Tomorrows weather predicted to be wet for qualifying so could see a similar mixed up grid. Marquez is unlikely to race following his recent crash and injury so Stefan Bradl looks set to wrap up the title on Sunday.

125's: Championship down to the wire on Sunday between Nico Terol and Johann Zarco. Sandro Cortese fastest in morning practise with young British rookie, Harry Stafford, second fastest but that was just before the heavy rain came. Nine or ten riders went down in the murky conditions, including Alberto Moncayo and Maverick Vinales who have both been quite good to watch most of the season.

The weekend will have a certain degree of tension due to the tragedy last time out but from the way guys were riding today there's no sign of them reigning in their efforts. Valencia is usually a good round. Eurosport and BBC commentator's usually go on about how no-one can overtake there and they all invariably have to eat their words by end of the weekend.

Whilst you're waiting for the next F1 GP this will be a nice space filler.
And it's forecast rain for Saturday, and Sunday especially, so that should spice it up also.

I don't personally like the Valencia circuit, I think it makes for a boring race, but I hope I'm proved wrong.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is the last 125cc Grand Prix. Next year they minnow class will be single cylinder 250cc machines. A plethora of mainland European and Japanese engineering companies are getting in on the act with quite a few new chassis and engine manufacturer names coming into the frame. I haven't heard of any UK firms getting in on the act which seems to indicate more missed opportunities for our little island. Hope that changes soon because if the UK doesn't start making stuff instead of just being a shopping centre for tourists we're cooked!:(

Meanwhile young British rider Danny Webb takes pole for tomorrow's 125cc GP. Go Danny!!LOL

Oh, and guess what? He's riding a Mahindra 125cc, designed, engineered and built in INDIA. So there ya go!:)
A historical record and achievement that nobody can ever take away from him. How cool is that?:)

Edit: Other records that will remain cast in stone this weekend will go to:
The 125cc race winner
The 125cc championship clincher - who will be Terol or Zarco. Terol has a 20 point advantage so Zarco needs to win with Terol finishing 12th or lower. On equal points Terol will win the championship on countback of race wins.
The fastest lap of the last ever 125cc Grand Prix - theoretically it will still be possible to beat the lap record for the circuit in the future, since non-championship 125cc racing will continue for some time yet, as it is a breading ground for young talent.
Last round of the season at Valencia this weekend. Loris Capirossi will be riding with Marco Simoncelli's No.58 plate after which that number will be retired as well. Sic's dad sees it as an honour for Loris to pay tribute this way..

Lovely gesture that is.

So, bets on a Honda on pole then............ LOL
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