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Interviewed in GP Week magazine Mike gascoyne was asked about how things were going at Lotus and drifted on to the criticism from some quarters about the competitiveness of the new teams. I have printed his quote below:

For those who said new team's shouldn't be here, when you saw Heikki fighting with Hulkenberg, well... we're here, we're racing... f#@k you

Although Hulkenberg was out of position as a result of his first lap antics you have to have some sympathy with Gascoyne's view. The FIA have invited a load of new teams to join F1 and then put rules in place which prevent them from developing their cars to make them go quicker.

Well done Mike, nice to have some sensible outspokeness for a change (are you listening Mark Webber?)

http://mag.gpweek.com/ page 22 of this link if you want to read the whole thing.
Here Here, you can always trust Mike to cut through the BS quite frankly.

Some people who run traditional teams who are the fabric of Formlua One and cannot be separated from it, must think twice before condemning the new teams especially when there famous international car company started very modestly even as a privateer running Alfa Romeo's

Naming no names........
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