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Here are some pictures of the new Merc:



Now here's a questions for those of you who study the regulations: Section 3.8.5 states

Once the relevant bodywork surfaces are defined in accordance with Article 3.8.4, apertures may be added
for the following purposes only:

- single apertures either side of the car centre line for the purpose of exhaust exits. These apertures
may have a combined area of no more than 50,000mm2 when projected onto the surface itself.

Last year Ferrari had to cut back their exhaust pipes so that they were flush with the body work. Look very carefully at the rear of the Mercedes and tell me if you think those pipes are flush. Me, I don't think they are and there is an advantage to be gained by pushing the hot exhaust gases towards the rear wing in a certain way as it can improve downforce.
I think you need to be an international lawyer to interpret the FIA rules and regulations these days.

I suspect there will be quite a few changes between now and the first race, followed closely by official complaints and legal action

The pronounced hump on the front of the Merc' though is very ugly.
I'm not sure where the regs stand on this one but after last years rule changes to tidy up the surfaces of the car to remove "aero thingamebobs" from every exposed area several teams took to putting the wing mirrors on psuedo barge boards. It looks like Merc have stuck the mirrors in the usual spot and kept the flappy bits infront of the sidepods any way. Maybe not illegal but surely not within the spirit of the law.

(then again they said the same about double diffusers)
ah, its the first version of the car. by the time the lights go out it will be totally different.

but darn, that car looks menacing!
Those are very sticky out exhaust pipes, it's probably Ross just pushing the boundaries to find out how far they go. He has got lucky so often that to not push would be the stupidest thing he's ever done. :bored:
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