McLAREN-HONDA may reunite in 2014

I am quite confused on Honda's engine performance in 2007-2008. Some say it was one of the worst, some say it's the best, all I know, it was called the Honda engine.
A pretty compelling case for Honda's re-participation in F1 here:

The re-focus on technology for the engine builders, particularly on the energy-recovery peripherals and fuel efficiency considerations make it seem like a perfect opportunity for Honda to return, and as Mo Hamilton says - what better team to do it with than McLaren?
Still not heard Honda say anything though. What makes sense to the world and what makes sense to Honda are 2 different things.

However I'd love to start believing the premisis that Mclaren have been planning this since 2010 when Merc bought out Brawn and that bringing Jenson in and praising him to the hilt was all part of a strategy to make Honda feel like they could come back in with the Macca's. They've even stayed strangely quiet on the issue of the engines and the supplier which I have always felt was strange after the whole Ford 93 scenario.

its all pie in the sky at the moment but let the conspiracy theories roll!
Could a lot of truth in this.Honda have just built a new V6 for Indycar albeit a 2.4 or maybe 2.2 not sure about that though and this engine block may well serve as the basis for a 1.6 F1 engine.
As long as there is a Japanese GP at Suzuka which is owned by Honda there will always be an incentive for them to come back in F1 especially if its Mclaren which gives them more reasons to

Plus I am sure Mclaren will make sure they concentrate on the engine only .

Mclaren are the only team that would suit Honda if they want to join the big boys immediately... I don't think they want to go down the team ownership route again after getting their fingers burnt badly..this is more driven on by their rival Toyota coming into F1 and owning a team
When Honda corporate are in a weak market position, they are not likely to risk the capital to go racing F1. It wasn't their lack of results that prompted Honda racing's departure in 2008, it was the two year slide in the stock valuation of Honda corporate. It had recovered by the end of 2010 but lost 30% of that recovery in just the last nine months. That isn't as protracted as the 2006-2008 decline (yet) but it is more precipitous. Honda corporate are in a virtual in free-fall. It would shock me if they were to move to re-enter F1 now, even if just as an engine supplier, before they see solid evidence of a recovery.
McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale told a Vodafone phone-in on Wednesday that talk of it working towards a Honda deal was incorrect, and that there is every intention of it continuing its tie-up with Mercedes-Benz.
"That is all wide of the mark," said Neale about the Honda speculation. "We are very happy with and enjoying our partnership with Mercedes-Benz. We are not quite sure where that story came from in truth.
"But I can stop the rumour and say that we are entirely focused on our Mercedes-Benz relationship. It is a long one spanning many wins and championships and long may it continue."
To be honest though he kinda has to say that so they don't piss Merc off - we've all known Mclaren will have to address the 'customer' engine eventually ever since Merc came in whether that be Honda or whoever.
He did mention that in the same article.
When asked if there was some worry that McLaren enters an era as only a customer team, while Red Bull Racing has full 'works' backing, Neale said: "I don't think that's a concern.
"Of course Mercedes have their own team and it is right and proper that a degree of focus is going in that direction. I have just been talking this morning to Thomas Fuhr (Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines) at Mercedes-Benz - we speak frequently - and we want the same thing.
Mercedes are still after 1 thing the drivers title with a GERMAN driver with the exception of Di Resta who seems to be in Norbert's good books

I've heard a lot of spiel from Mercedes that

1) We want to be an international team ..... WRONG the team consists of German drivers and is treated like a division of corporate Mercedes

2) Schumacher is paid £7m.....WRONG he is on £20m a year plus his own sponsors which makes it £30m overall a year

3) We liked Brawn because it operates on a rigid cost structure...WRONG they only offer Button £4m plus his own sponsors freedom then at the last minute offer £12m on a 1 year deal when Mclaren have got an offer for Jenson

4) They sacked a lot of workers sighting global recession back at Stuttgart - WRONG see Schumacher's wages

5) Ross BRawn we only spoke to Michael once discussions stalled with Button...WRONG Mercedes - we were speaking to Schumacher since the end of August


I remember the days of ITC/DTM in the mid 90's . Mercedes supposedly provided equal equipment to Zakspeed who convinced they were not because of the string of engine and other mechanical problems compared to Schneider's works AMG Mercedes. Zakspeed decided they were going to run OPEL from then on.

I don't see how Mercedes would be willing to accept more beatings by Mclaren because they've got themselves in a pickle by hiring Schumacher and dropping Button.

The fact that Button will be the lead " Mercedes " driver along with his 5 wins compared to the team's zilch wins since 2010 makes it more embarrassing for Stuttgart

Mercedes will accept Force India as a junior team but won't tolerate losing to Mclaren

As for Mclaren if Honda promised them factory support then you would be a fool not to agree it given Honda's pedigree
If Honda do come back, and I am no closer to knowing the answer, but maybe, if they come back, then we can all get to see how good their KERS system is. It was rumoured to be something special, and accounted for a large chunk of the £300m investment in the BGP001, with very impressive figures.

It would be such a shame for such overwhelming geekery to go un used in its natural habitat!!
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