FIA Max Mosley confirms he will not stand for FIA Presidency

Thought the view of Sporting Life might be of interest, especailly they comment about Todt and Di Montezemolo falling out when Todt was at Ferrari.

There is also a bit about Michael Schumacher being Toyota's chef at the bottom whihc made me laugh :snigger:

BTW, have any of you seen Jean Todt's wife/girlfriend (Michelle Yeoh)? The Beatles once said "Money can't buy you love" but it appears it can buy you a really hot chick - Wow!

It was always going to be an uphill struggle.

Todt is more or less the incumbent and Ari has a huge job to try and offset the advantages Todt has by already being part of "the establishment".
Wow, what a .... Scumbag!

You're right, he does mention McLaren stealing Ferrari's IP, although he doesn't mention that Ferrari had McLaren's, but then, we all know that they didn't look at it.

Other bits I like:

1993 - Mosely becomes President of the FIA

1994 - Driver aids banned, specifically: ABS, Traction Control and Active Suspension

Deaths of: Roland Ratzenburger, Ayrton Senna

Max Mosely:

Early in my Presidency in 1994 we lost Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenburger. Their deaths led to a fundamental re-evaluation of safety at all levels of Motor Sport.

Shame you didn't start that in 1993 before removing the driver aids! Oh, and before young Max takes all credit these deaths and the serious crash of Rubens Barrichelle led to the immediate reforming of the Drivers Association, they may have had the odd input to safety.

For his next gag:

Prompted by our post-imola response, we became aware that road vehicle crash tests in Europe had not been updated since 1974. A major campaign was launched to change this. We succeeded in forcing legislative change in Europe to develop new front- and side -impact crash tests

Natually he's an unsung hero on this as he is not mentioned on the Euro Ncap website and the claim is that the initiative was instigated by the UK department of transport. Coupled with my dodgy memory telling me that if was Top Gear (or one of their competitor shows) that forced the Governments around Europe to wake up and take notice, I don't remember anyone mentioning Max...

Still at least he's said he's championed fuel economy, apart from the fact that fuel restrictions were removed in 1994 in the first rule changes he had a chance to effect!

However, despite all this I think the most disappointing moment for most of his friends/colleagues is in Bro's first post where he says:

he "hopes to play a modest role" in the future.

Just as they'd all had double doors to fit his :censored: head through!

He'll be sorely missed, unless of course they check their sights first.
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