Todt - Not Yet As Bad As Feared


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So, Todt hasn't yet been the Moseley II that the continuity candidature suggested he would be. He has not spent his time messing with Formula One at all, really, much less mouthing off in the style of Moseley.

One of the few things the FIA have recently done is to introduce a driver onto the stewards' panel. This is a welcome change that has brought, if not consistency, sanity to stewards announcements. It also seems that Ferrari have not gained an advantage from stewarding this year.

However, what has been apparent is what has been missing. There has been no war between the FIA and FOTA or Bernie (which is a pity because the potential for a Bernie and Jean vertically-challenged Waldorf and Statler act is so appealing). It seems that Ron Dennis' appearances in the paddock show a willingness to end old grudges - Ron didn't dare appear when Max was in charge. I hope the same hand of friendship is not offered to
Flavio Briatore.

So, as an Arie Vatanen supporter of 12 months ago, I am pleasantly surprised by Todt so far. Great!

Jean: That's the worst article ever written about me.
Bernie: That's the worst article written about anyone.
I too was a Vatanen supporter but I have to admit that Todt has so far done an excellent job.Instead of a Mosely confrontational style, he has quietly and effeciently carried out his job.The most noticeable being that he is not seeking media attention at every opportunity unlike his predecessor.
I do wish that he would appoint and F1 commissioner as he promised to do as I feel that this would benefit all of F1.
teabagyokel said:
sportsman said:
I do wish that he would appoint and F1 commissioner as he promised to do as I feel that this would benefit all of F1.

I fear it would be Moseley!

Oh God TBY.Don't even mention that in jest.
But seriously Todt has worked extremely hard to establish himself as his own man and not a Mosely puppet and he would be well aware of just what that would do to his reputation.
And oddly enough I don't think that Mosely would actually take the job.His decisions could be overidden by Todt or the FIA senate and Mosely would never accept that.
Todt has handled his job in near-exemplary fashion up to this point. I am quite pleased and, quite frankly, not really surprised. I felt all along that his "pro-Ferrari bias" was overblown. Like all professional people, he just provides his utmost effort to the job at hand. I never felt that he was any more likely to show a bias towards Ferrari than a similar bias towards his old Peugeot team.

I do agree that he should appoint a Formula 1 commisioner asap.
I admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by Todt. I never thought he was going to behave so well :embarrassed:

  • He’s keeping himself out of the spotlight, that inclues no

    He’s sending little signals to the F1 big guys, reminding them the FIA is the International Federation of Motor Racing, not the International Federation of Formula One. That’s a good change for once. He does that, for example, attending to some WRC rallies taking place at the same time as F1 races. If he can also convince those F1 big guys that the FIA is not the Ferrari International Assistance, it will be even better.

    He looks to seriously want to fix the WRC. I don’t think the chaos the WRC is right now can be easily solved , but at least he’s trying, something his predecessor was not interested in at all.
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