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I said the same thing over on the head to head thread.

They interviewed Max and he said they'd had an update and he finds the car easier to drive. He talked quite a lot of sense actually and I can't help but warm to him. He said being in a Marussia the thing he has to concentrate on the most is making sure he is on hand to pick up the results if the others drop out.

You have to be in it to win it Max. The boy talks sense. Bianchi needs to take note.


His time was three seconds quicker than his qualifying time on Saturday which would have put him fourth on the grid which has a certain irony to it as he was consistently fourth on the grid and fourth in finishing position when he was in GP2.

I'm thinking of a decent handicap system for F1 the worst the car is the better tyres they are allowed to use to level the field this would make the racing much better Merc would have to use some old shit tyres someone found in a scrapyard..

Seriously though this just goes to prove that the answer to F1's shit racing is to give them more grip and less downforce this will solve all of the problems plaguing F1 at the moment.
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Pirelli have gone far to conservative with the tyres this season.

Add to that, I think they should mix it up so we can see better strategies, such as super softs with medium tyres, or softs with hards. Instead of the typical soft with super softs, medium with softs, and then hard with mediums.
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