Masking/editing swear words

Please do not substitute letters in swear words in this manner.
This avoids any problems in future if that word ever gets included in the censor list.

You have already acknowledged that you have read the rules when you read and dismissed the notice.

As a reminder, here they are again:

Strange, I always see this word in other posts and passed the sensor list but no admin or moderator ever picks up on it :dunno:

So I put the asterisk to avoid showing the full word as from what I have seen it gets past the swear filter.
If the word appears as it should, then it is not in the censor.
If it appears like this **** then it is in the censor.

The rules are clear on substituting letters within words.
It isn't permitted as any word can be placed in the censor at any time in the future (or taken back out, as is the case with the word in question).
Thought the word was allowed since it got past the filter all the time, I put the asterisks as a natural instinct from other forums.

However, apologies.
That word is allowed at the moment, but you're missing the point somewhat.

If the word is ever added to the censor in the future, then your post won't be censored as you've edited the word by using a *.
By typing the word normally, if it is added to the censor in future, it will be handled properly.
So shit would become **** but sh*t would remain as sh*t.

Hope that explains why we ask that people don't mask words in this way.

I'll move these posts to a new thread to stop this one being taken off topic.
So if it's allowed, and I put the asterisk in it, it is deemed wrong?

I am not missing the point, like I said it was natural for me, I am quite familiar on how the swear filter works and seen it used to effect, I thought I was doing the forum a favour aswell since it normally comes up as a normal word however I put an asterisk replacing a letter instead.

However I will go back and edit the post and put in the full word.
So if it's allowed, and I put the asterisk in it, it is deemed wrong?
Yes, for the reasons I have stated above.

If you use a * and the word is then added to the censor at some point in the future, then your post will be in breach of the rules for bypassing the swear filter.

Hence why we just ask everyone to type the words normally and any that aren't allowed will be automatically censored, now or in the future, if the policy on any particular word ever changes.
I think people accidentally make that mistake as it seems totally counterintuitive, as in you can write the full swear word but not the first letter and 3 asterisks etc, which most of us would write, not to avoid any swear filter but to avoid writing the word, like we’ve already censored our own word.

The rule makes perfect sense when explained tho, just in practice most of us would automatically censor a swear word rather than typing it and accidentally break the rules with no intention of trying to avoid filters.

But yeah its easier to just not swear, or if it really fit’s a sentence or joke use the :censored: smiley.
I have to say, I know that the word **** gets picked up by the swear filter but I just don't like typing it without an asterix as it makes me feel naughty. And I miss that **** now becomes **** and not chuff :disappointed:

Chuffing horlicks to the new swear filter is what I have to say :p
By all means feel free to use all **** or even !@#% as that isn't swearing and won't be affected by whichever words are added to the censor.

The old replacements, although amusing, could also be confusing in some instances so we decided to just go for the standard *.
I'm just kidding, I blamed the autocorrect on my mac for ages - it drove me insane before I realised what was happening!
The bit I put in the spoiler button should have gone in a different topic or a conversation, sorry. I was just surprised that shit appeared in my message when I posted it and had a mini panic lol.


If it appears in plain text then don't worry about it as it's not in the filter.

We used to filter that but I figured it was fairly mild.
We can always put it back in the filter if preferred?
So, if I filter out the whole word am I still being naughty? Like that dog smells like ****?

EDIT: Lol, I should really read the thread properly before posting. I've found my answer!

EDIT2: I don't really give a shit if shit is allowed.
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