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There has been a huge increase in the number of off topic posts recently.
This is starting to become an issue and hundreds of posts and threads have been moved or deleted in just the last few weeks.

When a member goes to the effort of creating a thread, it is insulting to the author and the rest of the members to then derail that thread by posting nonsense or off topic posts. The occasional post here and there isn't an issue, but all too often a single off topic post results in many more which then ruins the thread and ultimately ends up with discussion on the topic drying up.

This is not just happening in the F1 forum, but all over the board.

With regards to swearing - substituting letters or disguising words is against the rules. Just type the word normally and the swear filter will pick it up if the word is prohibited.

Lastly, questioning moderating decisions in public is not permitted.
Send a PM to the moderator responsible for that section, or a global moderator if you have a grievance or wish to question something.

The current rules are here, please read them:

The current moderators are listed here:

The rules exist for a reason - to ensure the high standards the site has become known for are maintained as we grow.

Please try and bear this in mind as you use the site.

Thank you.
Sadly the repeated requests and warnings have gone unheeded by some so action has been taken against those individuals.

We do not take this action lightly, but it has been done for the good of the community.

On a related note, if any member wishes to complain about a post or thread for any reason, click on the Report button.

Any posts which are an attempt to moderate by proxy will be deleted.
It is the job of the moderating team to deal with contentious posts, not the members.
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