Malaysia Weather forecast?


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Just a quick query to test the waters of this 'ere forum, is there any pre weekend info on the whether out in Malaysia? As well know, when it rains it pours and it can make for some very interesting races. See the last two races for proof.

So in the event of rain, who do you think it will benefit? Hamilton, Heidfeld, Vettel, Alonso and Schumacher have all shown themselves to be adaptable talents in the wet, and I'd certainly like to see one of Kobayashi's charges in wet weather.


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Not a clue who will benefit! I think it's more a case of who the best aquaplaning specialist is if some of the weather forecasts are to be trusted.

I'm quite interested in how the wets will fair. They didn't look too bad in testing and McLaren have an ever so slight early advantage in that they got a fair amount of running on them in Barcelona. But as we all know, testing means nothing.

I don't think Schumacher looked veers comfortable with DRS so we may well see him be able to get into Q3 is DRS is disabled.

This is Fergieweathers prediction:
MALAYSIA OUTLOOK: Early forecast modelling suggests a growing % chance of showers from Fri-Sun; turning thundery by Sunday. Highs 32-34C.



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Welcome John.

Here's the BBC's circuit forecast page:
The odds are it's going to be wet at some point during the weekend.

Should be a bit of a trial by fire for the new tyres and the drivers.
I won't even bother to try predicting who'll come out on top, see my results in the Fantasy F1 for why :D


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Google says rain Friday and Saturday and temperatures of 32C - sounds just like Yorkshire ROFL


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I think tyres will have a big say in the event of heavy rain. There hasn't been much rain at all during the winter's testing sessions, or at least nothing like the torrential downpours Malaysia has been known to be the scene for.
And the Pirellis' wet compounds will have no experience of the demands of high ambiant temperatures combined with abundant rain, so there's an unknown quantity there.
We could also have the possibilty of a mixed-up grid if the rain proves inconsistant during quali/

If the rain on race day turns out in force, I'd say there's a good chance whovever can maintain a decent pace while managing their tyres in a way enabling them to make fewer stops has a good chance.


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If the rain on race day turns out in force, I'd say there's a good chance whovever can maintain a decent pace while managing their tyres in a way enabling them to make fewer stops has a good chance.

In other news, bears shit in the woods ;)


I think the default weather forecast for Sepang is rain. I don't like the look of that "thundery" in hamberg's forecast. It will be great if it rains. I think it has proven to be beneficial to Lewis, Jenson and Mclaren in the past. Hopefully it won't rain during practise so none of the teams have a clue what to do for setup in quali. :D


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one of the headlines on AutoSport is:
Schumacher predicts 'lottery' in Sepang

Think that sums it up perfectly, just to add to everything else, apperntly not many people have driven on the prelli Wet tyres.

Might put a £10 note on Trulli winning the race, cuz if it rains just about anything could happen.


This fergie weather thing is very useful. Saves me interpreting weather forecasts every week. A wet Quali is 50/50 and the Race is 90% according to fergie. Then again, how many times have we gone through this. :D I do love it when it rains though. Eeeeeeee.


No doubt it won't rain a drop tomorrow and Sunday :snigger:

Ha. The amount of times that happened in 2009 was frustrating. I think we can trust Sepang though. The bigger concern is if it rains too much. I don't want them doing what we had in Korea. That was just silly.
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