Liberty Media buy F1

I read earlier that the potential for a race in South Africa, to replace Belgium, has been given the heave ho because SA has been seen to be supporting Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. However, having a race take place in a country running a proxy war in Yemen, casing famine disaster, having a race in country which has brutally put down human rights demonstrations, holding a race in a country where people are regularly
tortured, beaten and disappear, and allowing race in a country which uses slave labour to build major sporting and other infrastructure is all perfectly acceptable.

What a strange world we inhabit. Oh, and F1 was more than happy to go to South Africa when the white minority were oppressing, torturing, and using the majority black population as defacto slaves. But then why would that matter?
By definition if you move to a country to be paid no matter how little, how bad the contract is or the living conditions it's not slave labour, though it it is considered exploitation, same goes to South Africa and most Middle East countries. Those of you who may be watching £10 Poms the depiction of Australia is mild in their treatment of Aborigines, when I was there they weren't even considered people, they were government property, should you run one over in your car the charge was "Damaging Government Property", this lasted to well into the 70's. You could ask why China was allowed the Olympic Games, it was so why criticise F1, to be banned from holding many sports events that country has to be at war or actively supporting a country at war against either an ally or country of the organising that sport.
They are the facts and that's the way it is whether or not you and others think it fair or moral, money rules.
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That may well have been the definition of slavery in the 18th century but we have moved on since then, despite what Jacob Rees-Mogg might like to have us believe. On the other example/issues you raise, these neither defend nor absolve Liberty Media from responsibility from working with corrupt, brutal, and often despotic regimes. It's about time those running sports grew some balls and stopped chasing the mighty dollar at all costs.

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a serious and often hidden crime. It comprises slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, which is the harbouring and transportation of individuals for exploitation.
A victim is usually used and exploited for someone else’s gain, without respect for their human rights and involving some element of coercion, such as threats, use of force, deception, or abuse of power so that the victim performs acts or services against their will.
Victims can be any nationality, gender and age but children, young people and vulnerable adults are often targeted.

And then whilst all this is going on the PGA has just signed deal to bring even more dirty middle eastern money in to that sport. Those running international sport really are scum of the highest order.
It didn't defend Liberty Media, It was just an explanation that F1 isn't alone in it's actions, why just pick on F1. The description of Modern Slavery seems to depend on the renumeration, it could be claimed any work is exploited for gain, it's just the terms and condition which ten to vary each decade.
although i agree we dont want to go as bad as Golf Who have crumbled under pressure, we as PGA have principles & well we as LIV have a few billion. & what was those principles again

i agree on the similar lines as FB that F1 horse left stables Decades ago. when you consider the fuss the rest of the sporting world & how hard they came down. effectively excluding them from the sporting world. & F1 carried on like nothing happened.

if we only raced in clean countries we would have a very short calendar.
this is going to be fascinating 2024, because as much as the publicly are not wanting to meddle they will be taking a leaf out of Bernie book because you cant imagine they will be pleased with these figures, & i can only talk for myself but we are all pretty dedicated F1 fans. i'll admit i would be wondering if verstappen is still this dominant next season if i was to spend my weekend watching a forgone conclusion

& they going to have to find a way in 2024 to stop red bull in the same bernie stopped ferrari in 2005. because like we had in the old BDO darts once to break the habit, its a slippery slope. im sure sky sports havent paid 200m a season for poor viewing figures as advertising coming in will be down


I do wonder what those who hold the commercial rights to a sport really think about other than cash, cash, and more cash. Formula E were crowing about the size of the viewing figures last year - Formula E hits record fan figures and on-track highs. to an average of 41,000 watching the race in Diriyah on TNT Sports in the UK, although there was a "boost" at the end of the race when those who were watching the Newcastle Man City game turned over after the match had finished.
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