Liberty Media buy F1

Seems like good news on the face of it. They would have to pay more attention to the 'show' and therefore the fans than CVC have...though not necessarily good news for purists.
It's being denied by Bernie on the grid walk, so that means it's definitely happening.
I heard that too, in fact more interesting was what Martin Brundle said after he walked away from Bernie, in that he said he's giving nothing up, which I thought was strange, almost like a back handed comment to something he knew otherwise. With this so called news, probably the reason why.
Bernie would never back any deal which saw him lose control. Even though he owns very little of the sport by comparison these days, he still calls the shots.
Sounds like a done deal. CVC sell some shares to LIberty, keep Bernie on until there's a proper handover of his role, keep him on after that in an advisory role (assuming he's still compus mentis or even alive), improve the options for viewing F1 content and take the whole circus forward. Of course there will probably be some bad ideas that get aired, but it sounds like a timely progression, given the unrest from fans about the current running of F1.
Good question teabagyokel – who knows? Bernie could probably make decent deals for his employers with severe dementia.

I will miss his barmy remarks when he does go at any rate.
Joey Saward with some parting words for Mr Mckenzie

I never liked the cut of Donald Mackenzie’s jib. I’m not someone who is impressed by money, power or appearance. I judge people on their intelligence, their honesty, their good manners and other such old-fashioned things. A grouse moor, some guns, green wellies and a Land Rover do not make you an aristocrat. Just as a press pass does not make you a pork-pie hat wearing monster.

I am sure that Mackenzie oozes charm at dinner parties with his own kind, but I have always found him arrogant, rude, and disdainful, as only the newly-rich can be. His “well, you couldn’t possibly understand” attitude was a very clear sign that he was high on his own supply and, in the words of Shania Twain, “that don’t impress me much”. Good for him for being talented at making money, but I’m not ever going to praise what he did to Formula 1 and I am happy to apply my boot to the rear of his twill trousers to assist him towards the door marked “uscita”.

Notebook from the hotel lobby
In my Newspaper today, the sale to Liberty was being hotly denied. The statement went on to say that there were two other groups in the running.
The end is nigh. 3 more years of Bernie.

Bernie Ecclestone: Formula 1 boss says 'to stay for three more years' after takeover

Light at the end of the tunnel
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