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i know that fake marina is absoulte atrocious, but at least it sky sports can have a laugh with it. i thought it was terrible idea when they were going to do it with actual water. but that fake water is dreadful
from the horses mouth Mario andretti said on sky sports that andretti want to be on the F1 grid & "its not for the lack of trying" & they are aiming for 2024. when they were asking about questions, about engine partners, budgets & on a team personnel. 100%
Liberty media have paid $240 million for a plot of land in the middle of Las Vegas which will be the pits and paddock area for the Grand Prix. So even if the race is the worst thing since the last Las Vegas Grand Prix it looks like we are stuck with it for some time.
"Formula 1 has its US broadcast partner for the next two years, and it’s a familiar face: ESPN. The Disney-owned sports broadcaster reportedly put in a bid between $75 and $90 million, a significant increase over the $5 million they currently pay."

Plot of Las Vegas land paid in 3 years if not less.
fascinating article from Michael Schmidt

Not all that glitters in F1 is gold yet. Monza has shown in many points that certain rules need to be corrected in order for the show to be better. The whistle concert of the fans at the end of the Italian GP will resonate in the ears of F1 bosses Stefano Domenicali & Ross Brawn for a long time to come. The Tifosi saw themselves cheated out of an exciting finale.

A safety car at the end of the race has been a hot potato since the 2021 World Championship final in Abu Dhabi. That's why Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff expressly praised the consistency of the race management not to give in to the pressure of the audience and the media. Nevertheless, it is unsatisfactory if a car with engine damage breaks down and you do not manage to recover the vehicle and sort the field in 7 laps

Red flag as an artificial source of tension

Toto Wolff said: "If you don't like the current rules, you have to change them." That's probably what will happen after the Monza fiasco. A general cancellation with a reboot like 2021 in Baku would be the guarantee for the greatest possible show, but is not very popular with hardcore fans because it is artificially created tension. A red flag actually only justifies an obstacle on the track that can't be cleared away so quickly, or a driver who needs medical care.

Other measures would be better. For example, that the safety car generally ranks ahead of the leader & not somewhere in the field to slow down the pace. The drivers are only allowed to drive at VSC speed anyway, which is no danger with a car parked on the side of the track.

Also the rounding back with the subsequent commemorative round costs unnecessarily too much time. If you bring the lapped to the end of the field, it is possible at any time and faster. And it doesn't take an extra lap after sorting the field. There is no reason to give a round to the lapped.

Safety car better than VSC
A nuisance were also the many engine penalties. The system must become so transparent that every spectator is able to determine the starting grid themselves. The simplest solution: If you cover the engine quota, you start from behind, no matter how many components you replace.

This gives you 2 groups: the drivers with penalties & those without. For both, the qualification time determines the starting place. On the other hand, the concern that the entire drive kit will be replaced for every damage is that there will be fewer strategic engine changes. Anyone who swaps only 1 element like Verstappen can no longer get away with 5 places.

The VSC phases are also a thorn in the side of F1. The masterminds would like to abolish them. Then it's better to have a real safety car that brings the field back together. VSC phases give certain drivers an advantage during the pit stop on 1 side. Namely those who happen to be near the pit entrance.

This is a double-edged sword. If it catches drivers who need to make up ground, it can provide excitement. If, as in Zandvoort, the front-runner gets a gift that saves him from his catching up pursuers, then it destroys the show.

DRS with time barrier
Another problem is the DRS trains. If you are in the middle of it, you have to be able to drive at least 1 second faster per lap to get out of the trap. In the medium term, Formula 1 wants to abolish DRS. But you still need the overtaking aid. It has become easier to stay on the front man, but the slipstream does not look quite as good as it used to.

In an interim solution, one thinks about releasing DRS in the first round after the start or a re-start. Or to be able to change the activation points during the weekend in such a way that overtaking becomes a little easier. Or introduce a time limit on how long you can drive with the open wing. Then the driver would have to divide the DRS usage per lap individually. In the hope that the defender will mess up his account too soon.

2 races, 2 qualifications
F1 management is planning to double the number of sprint weekends in 2023. The announcement is delayed because the FIA initially wanted extra money & then asked for less work. Accident damage during sprint races can be deducted from the budget cap. However, this requires a close examination of the damage. This costs time & personnel. Now there is talk of a flat-rate exemption of a certain amount.

For 2024, a modified course of the sprint weekends is under discussion. F1 wants to offer spectators a highlight every day & reduce the number of training sessions in which nothing is at stake. For example, 2 separate qualifications are being considered.
1 - is to determine the starting grid for the sprint on Friday after the first practice as before.
2- on Saturday morning determines the starting order for the main race. But persuasion is still needed. A short-term change for 2023 requires 28 out of 30 votes. The chance of getting this through quickly is rather low.
Once again, made up "fan opinion" is used to justify a significant change to F1.

Practice sessions aren't meant to be exciting. So that's a bloody stupid comment right there.

Since the price of a British GP Race or whole weekend ticket is now the price of a small farm in rural shropshire, I've been to Silverstone a couple of times on a Friday. I would challenge any one to view a picture of cars on track on a Friday and tell the difference between that day or race day. The stands are full, all the cars are on track for several hours and you get to enjoy all of the aspects of the event in every way that you could on Sunday except you can go anywhere around the circuit and sit in any stand (with one or two small exceptions).

Moving to a two day event, which is something the FIA has wanted for some time as they claim it would reduce costs (and allow Liberty to squeeze even more races in no doubt) would mean that host race tracks would have one day less to raise revenues to meet the staggering costs of having the alleged honour of holding the race. They'd be forced to raise ticket prices and how much they charge stall holders, food outlets, parking fees and anything else they can.

By running less practice, the teams that will suffer the most are those at the wrong end of the grid. It is hard enough for any team that are trying to close the gap on those ahead of them to do that with so many rule restrictions without them having even less time to try and fix their cars.
By running less practice, the teams that will suffer the most are those at the wrong end of the grid. It is hard enough for any team that are trying to close the gap on those ahead of them to do that with so many rule restrictions without them having even less time to try and fix their cars.
thats a good point that less practise isnt good for those at the back. but here is an idea is it time with the budget cap. we have 1 90 minute practise session either friday or saturday

then bring back inseason testing either at private circuits like 90s or on the monday after the grand prix. then they can have all day to test new components
i know that we havent agreed witn alot of liberty medias ideas, but for me 1 thing that cant be disputed is the sport is in a far healthier position than we were 10 years ago. as take 2013 we had a sport where some teams where saying they were struggling to attract sponsors.

Renault were holding the sport to ransom as we were on verge of 2 engine manufacturers left as Renault said they would pull out if the V6s werent introduced. & now we are in 2026 where we have 6 engine manufacturers coming in. which is brilliant
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