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Great Car, Dumb Name

An amazing car, if only they would stop putting the indicators as switches on the steering wheel it may just be a perfect super car.

Having said that I do know someone who has go their name down for one, and if it wasn't just that good they wouldn't even consider it. Wish they would hurry up and deliver it to him so I can steal borrow it for a while.... :whistle:
Not to sure on the looks yet and I don't like their red car/black roof combo on anything - Utterly stupid name.
Looks too similar to the 458 for me, the name is stupid and and I'm not sure on the looks. But I bet it goes like the clappers.
Looks better than the 458 I say, the 458 looked rather girly.

This one from the side also reminds me of one of my favourite Ferrari's, the F50.
Cool from the front, cool from the back except for it saying LaFerrari, hideous on the side, and the name is less creative than the hot pockets jingle.
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