Kimi - As no-one has posted it here yet

Okay there was no need to push, but that photographer was definitely invading Kimi's personal space. What did he want, a picture of the hairs up his nose or something.

Its a bit like the Lewis talk to me after France "Damn man I need a drink" thing .. the photographer was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Perhaps the ice-man is melting.....;)

I'm not going to criticise though as I'm sure the constant attention would get to anyone, especially after a not-so-great race.
I know I wouldn't like cameras and microphones shoved in my face every waking minute.

I can't help thinking though that if it had been another driver the forums would have been red-hot with criticism, insults and all kinds of other unpleasantness.....
saltirelass - But there were other cameramen who were closer, you can see them on the vid.

Brogan - Agreed about if it had been another driver.
Well I must admit that when I first saw it, my reaction was ROFL

I have absolutely no sympathy for the cameraman. I'm sure he'll get over it, and he has a cool pic to sell. It's like Salti said, he was invading Kimi's space... I'm not sure that the cameraman could get much closer without bumping Kimi in the nose!

Personally I think a driver showing a bit of emotion is not a bad thing. And it's not like the bloke was injured or anything...
McZiderRed - So you think assault is OK?!? Before you say anything else, think about it. In this country (UK), what Kimi was filmed doing was basic assault and could get him arrested and charged.

Seems to me that Kimi s just being a bit of a bully to those he knows won't do anything back. The photographer wasn't that close.
No, I don't advocate violence in any circumstances. I just don't think it was a violent incident.

The photographer, in looking to get an interesting photo, stood on Kimi's stuff & shoved his camera in kimi's face. What Kimi tried to do was move him off his stuff (the brolly bloke stood next to Kimi was also miffed that the cameraman was tramping over things) and in the process the photographer fell over backwards. No doubt, cause he was off balance in his attempt to get his prize. In normal circumstances, I would be very vocal with someone tramping over my things, but would in no way resort to physically moving that person away.

However, the stress that drivers are under pre-race is not exactly normal circumstances. I'm not saying that as is an excuse for being physical but it's hardly surprising.. I'm sure if the photographer feels that he's feel assaulted, than Kimi will be taken to court..
How can you tell he stood on anything? I can't see that and from the end the video, it actually looks like he didn't step on it, otherwise it would be marked, crumpled or dirty and it simply isn't.

If Kimi gets that stressed, then why do they call him the iceman? Just comes across as a bully to me.

There is also no way the photographer can do anything if he wants to keep his acreditation, therfore it looks like Kimi being stressed and taking it out on someone that can't do anything back, a bit like what he has done to marshalls in the past.
I couldn't see whether he stood on kimi's stuff or not, just that the brolly man looked like he was gonna say something to the cameraman, just as kimi pushed him. So perhaps both Kimi & brolly man thought the camera man was too close. An over reaction from kimi? Possibly. The iceman cracketh? :)

And yeah, Kimi is probably using bully tactics knowing there will be no comeback. I'm no big Kimi fan, but I have seen drivers do worse before though. So I won't be losing sleep over it.
well we all know photograhpers can be a pain in the arse when your trying to prepare for a race, but that did seem a little OTT, im supried there isn't uproar about it, like some said abouve that could count as Assult.
Kimi branded 'arrogant' after grid fracas

A veteran Formula 1 photographer has labelled Kimi Raikkonen "rude" and "arrogant" after the world champion pushed him to the ground on the Silverstone grid.

Paul-Henri Cahier, one of the sport's most experienced and respected photographers, was pushed over onto his back by Raikkonen as he lined up a close-up shot just before last Sunday's British Grand Prix. ... 1&PO=43301

Very rude of KIMI to do that...........
First it was was photographers now its unexpected little gir

Well in germany the rampageing raikonen has done it again lol, but this time its a small child who feels his reign of terror ...

well ok in all seriousness it was more the fan who wanted an autographs fault, be he didn't even help the poor kid,he just looked back then causually walked on in his too kool for school manner, OH kimi! he used to be such a nice boy

p.s: is it slighty sadistic of me to find the video a little funny lol
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