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Im taking a break from the forum, but as agreed, here is the Pre Monza Quiz. It’s based on the amazing Enzo Ferrari and his ensuing racing team; so Ferrari fans.. this is your chance to shine!

1. What does the word Scuderia actually mean?
1 point for ‘stable’ the actual translation. Half a point for ‘team’ , which is what it’s come to mean.

2. Which iconic car did Enzo Ferrari say was the most beautiful car ever made?
The E Type Jag

3. Where was Enzo Ferrari born?

4. Which manufacturer did Enzo Ferrari work for before founding Scuderia Ferrari?
Alfa Romeo

5. Who did. Enzo Ferrari begin his racing career with?
C.M.N ( Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali

6. Where did the prancing horse symbol come from?
A WW1 ace Italian pilot called Francesco Baracca who had it on his plane. ( point for saying Italian war pilot )

7. Which Ferrari driver’s portrait was hung in every home and every office of Enzo Ferrari ?
Giles Villeneuve

8. Why are Ferrari’s red?
because that was the colour the FIA assigned to all Italian Grand Prix Racers

9. How much retail sales does Ferrari generate around the world? Okay, let’s make this a bit easier. $80 million, $800 million, $1.5 billion, $ 4 billion, $8 billion?
$1.5 billion

10. Enzo Ferrari’s son, after whom the iconic Ferrari Dino was named, died in 1956. How did he die?
He died of Muscular Dystrophy
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Red may be the Italian racing colour but the Ferrari red used today is dictated by Marlboro. Boo!
you are correct. The shade also changed to accommodate television, though the colour red was allocated to Italy, and thus Ferrari, by the powers that be. Talk an extra half point if this affected your score.
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