Italian GP out of 10

Italian GP out of 10

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I quite enjoyed it - gave it a 7

Twitter ruined the surprise for me but I watched to see how Pierre won.

As mentioned, it was only made exciting by Hamilton's penalty and Max's retirement but I enjoyed it.


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Your approach though is one from a Merc point of view. What people are calling for is the opportunity for those midfield teams to catch up. The rules as they stand have lead to the last 10 years seeing 4 years of Red Bull Championships followed by 6 consecutive and soon to be 7 consecutive Merc titles.

The only people happy with the last 7 years are Mercedes fans.

I can't think of any other sporting series in the world where there is such a factored in inability for all participants to compete.
I’m not a Mercedes fan as such but more am admirer of excellence.

I am a fan of Porsche - see logo.

Also I think you disregard the fact that Mercedes has retained its crown over two sets of rule changes, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they also dominate in 2022. It’s not just R&D budget. It’s culture. Just watch the Netflix show and compare the Mercedes culture to Ferrari. Red Bull and McLaren could probably compete with Mercedes if they made their own engine or if they had a good engine. I think 2021 will be a title fought between Mercedes and McLaren and it could be a real fight.

I would love to see Porsche come in and buy Red Bull out. That would make things interesting.


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It's still entirely possible to appreciate excellence while lamenting how difficult F1 has made itself for others to achieve that same level.

Hamilton is the best driver on the grid, Mercedes are the best team. The only time they lose is when they make a mistake or have a mechanical failure. On a normal weekend at 90 percent of the races there is nothing any other team can do to beat them.

Impressive but ultimately seriously boring.


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P1 i think we have given many compliments to mercedes. i think it has been said before that majority is caveated by the fact that Mercedes are doing an incredible job. this is an unprecedented level of success. but predictable for me isnt entertaining

I have no idea who Eric the eel is ! 🤔
definitely have a look, i loved that guy as a 10yr old. he came from Equatorial Guinea only been swimming for 8 months, had never seen a Olympic sized swimming pool before & got into olympics on a wildcard. then was in 3 person heat. the other 2 false started & was Disqualified. he went on to do the heat solo albeit over a minute slower than world record. it was 1 of the loudest cheers of the olympics

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