Poll Italian GP out of 10

How do you rate the Italian GP out of 10?

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I enjoyed it gave it a 7 would have been a 7.5 if I had the option.
No lead changes but LeClerc was never more than a few seconds in front from the opening lap to the flag so we had a race for the whole distance.
Couldnt believe my eyes when Hulk went past Vettel on a straight, a Renault passing a Ferrari in a straight line would have been laughed at the start of the year even with a big tow.
Only thing I am dirty about is forgetting about it being a back to back race and not realising until it was to late to put my customary each way bet on Danny Ric in the you bet game.
Solid 8, very entertaining and good to see the young scamp win for the red team at Monza. Made all the more exciting for me having Bottas each way in the You Bet game... nearly but really not that nearly.
I particularly enjoyed hearing Mercedes drivers complaining that the car was slow and that it was hard to keep up with Leclerc. Are they really not in touch with the idea that they do not get the fastest car by default?
Are they really not in touch with the idea that they do not get the fastest car by default?

No, they were just complaining that their car wasn't fast enough. I mean no offence but why read more into it? Where in their comments do you read that they feel they should have the fastest car by default?
8. I really enjoyed it, doubtful steward decisions and all. Those decisions kept the race alive. Otherwise we would have had a boring Mercedes race.
I gave it a 7, which may be under-rating it. For the first time this season, I ended up watching the threet lead cars throughout the race and didn't pay attention to the fight for the best of the rest. It was a race for the lead from the beginning to the end, even though there was no passing and two controversial stewarding calls that decided the outcome.
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