Is the championship over if Vettel wins in Canada and Valencia

If Vettel wins in Canada and Valencia will he be uncatchable in the WDC.

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I think this season is set to be one of the worst ever with regard to the drivers championship. I think if Vettel wins in Canada and Valencia then it is simply going to be impossible for anyone else to catch him.

He would have to have amazing bad luck in failing to finish several races AND red bull would have to be only the third quickest car by the time we get to Silverstone. I just can't see that happening.

Uncatchable with only half the season gone. That is a massive fail. This should never happen. The rules and points have to be changed for next year. Close racing is essential for the survival of F1.

I have a feeling of dred like we had with the dominance of Schumacher. Is it happening all over again.

p.s. No need for a maths lesson here, what does your gut tell you ?
I don't care about WDCs as much as I care about individual races...and we've had a great batch of races already in 2011. :) To me, i'd rather see Vettel and Hamilton going at each other hammer and tongs at every race regardless of whether or not the 'WDC' is wrapped up or not. It's races that live in the memory, for me. Not points tables. So eventhough some may say this is the 'worst ever season' in points table terms, I think it's been one of the best.

Certainly can't get any worse then 2002 when you had the Ferrari team principal (Todt) and his manager (Brawn) deciding the 'WDC' before Spring was even finished so as to honour their Number 1 driver's (Schumacher's) contractual obligations.

Can it?
It is close racing too, look at Spain and Monaco, both races Vettel won, but he was chased all the way by first Hamilton in Spain and then Alonso and Button in Monaco.
It largely depends on how the various teams will be affected by the ban on off throttle feeding of the EBD.

Even so, I can't see Red Bull being that badly affected and fully expect them and Vettel to lift both trophies this year.
Voted Yes, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy the whole season regardless. I'm not a Seb fan but I've already dealt with the fact that he might walk this championship.

I don't think he will win in Canada though, so maybe I should have voted no? :thinking:
The championship will look bad for everyone else if Vettel does win the next 2 races. However, that does not necessarily mean that it's over, look at Jenson's dominance of the 09 season until the others got their act together.
The main thing for me is the quality of the races, and let's face it, they've been brilliant this year. I haven't been crazy about some of the over-zealous stewarding in certain races, I think they are mistaking racing accidents for deliberate or stupid moves, but generally the season has been great. If Vettel goes on to dominate the whole season, fair play to him. He has the best car, that is of no doubt, but the drivers' part in the success (even though it's probably 80% car, 20% driver) is critical.
Personally I don't think RB will win at Montreal, I think the McLarens should be on top there (unless they contribute to their own downfall as they seem to quite often :()

Anyway, I'm looking forward to what could be an absolute classic! :)
I'm having a bit of a Vicky Pollard Moment "yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but..." Eventually I plumped for No as we have seen many times before a title challenge fall to pieces after mid-season. That said, I'm not sure Red Bull would be as unprofessional as say the Ligier or Renault teams of days of yore but you never know.
The Button/09 comparisons are irrelevant in this debate. Brawn didn't have any money to develop the car. Red Bull will be bringing rafts of updates throughout the rest of the season.

Exactly that Keke.
And I can't see Red Bull dropping away anything like Brawn did.
Renault 2006, after Canada Alonso was walking away with the championship, and then fell to pieces, after China he was actually behind in the championship. Mass Dampergate
Well, if Vettel does win those two races and say Hamilton comes 2nd in those races, Vettel will almost have a 3-win margin over his nearest competitor. I know you didn't want a maths lesson, but it's important.

My gut says he already has this one in the bag, my brain says if he wins the next two races, then my brain also says to trust your gut more often.
Uncatchable with only half the season gone. That is a massive fail. This should never happen. The rules and points have to be changed for next year. Close racing is essential for the survival of F1.

It's not the points system's fault if one car and driver -combination is better than the others. Before the current points system people complained about winning not being rewarded enough. IMO the current system is okay.

Back to the topic, I think it's over already.
2009 was a strange season. The 6 race stretch from Turkey to Belgium where 6 different drivers won in 4 different cars was incredible.

Somewhat back on topic for this thread though, with Pirelli tires, even Valencia sounds like an enticing prospect.
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