Is Bernie's time in F1 up?


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Bernie Ecclestone has been criticised as being "totally out of touch with reality" by CVC board member Sir Martin Sorrell.

There are rumours that Bernie is under increasing pressure to step down due to his comments.

When Max finally hands over the FIA reigns later this year, it would be a good time for Bernie to also finally call it a day.
That will give F1 the chance to start afresh.

Who would take over from Bernie though?
Do CVC already have someone in mind?

Ecclestone 'out of touch' says F1 owner
Brogan said:
Who would take over from Bernie though?
Do CVC already have someone in mind?

Thank God, Vishnu, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever that the obvious replacement cannot be associated with an FIA series any more.
Seeing as technicaly Bernie is an employee of CVC in theory they could get rid of him at any time and employ whoever they like.

I think that if Bernie hadn't have taken control of F1 in the way he did over the last 30 years someone else would have done the same thing in much the same style. These people are all in buisness to make money after all.

What Bernie has had to face in the last couple of years is a rapidly shrinking power base. He was taken to the EU by CVC oh who controlled the sporting rights, Max has often tried to disassociate himself from Bernie and Bernies lack of support for Max during the "News of the world" thing didn't help and finally with the formation of FOTA the teams are now in a position to bight the hand that has been feeding them.

As he topped our poll of men with the most influence in F! its clear the effect he's had on the sport and in some ways it has been positive in others not so. At the end of the day however there comes a time when you have to leave the stage. Sorry Bernie but it's time to turn the sport over to the next generation and exit stage left.
I think the existence of FOTA puts Bernie in an impossible position because he came to power to represent the teams through FOCA. When the teams were divided, a third party was required to keep the peace. However, if the teams unite, then Bernie's position is pointless, as the teams are extremely capable of making their money without the FOM.

We can talk about what he's done for the sport, but it is always best to consider the motive and he didn't do it out of philanthropic generosity. He's done jack squat for anyone other than himself.

If Bernie, Flav and Max have all gone by the end of the year, F1 will be better without their odious characters and strange vested interests allowing the sport to lurch, like a shopper in a fence store, from one gate to the next.
Having just witnessed a Bernie's interview on the beeb, I am speechless.

The look on Eddie Jordans face when Bernie said, I quote, "What crime did Renault comit?". Eddie Jordans shoulders visibly sagged and I don't think he could believe what he'd heard. It was the most bizarre interview I think I've ever seen.
Up until recently I have defended Bernie as I felt, on balance, he has given F1 more than he has taken (and let's face it he has taken a lot). Unfortunately in the last two seasons particularly he appears to have lost the plot. His outbursts have become more strange on some very serious issues and his drive to simply earn more money are taking F1 to circuits and environments which, ultimately, will alienate it's core audience.

In the line of work I'm in the first people you create products for are your core customers. If the products you make then appeal to people outside of the core then you have a "win, win" situation. It would be interesting to know the viewing figures for F1 outside of Europe and South America (F1's traditional core fan base) and to see if they have grown in "developing markets".

I'm sure compared to the 80's TV audiences have grown but this is probably due to an increase in wealth generally in these regions with more global companies and advertising rather than some great master plan on Bernie's part. Let's be honest, the original rush East was simply to allow tobacco companies to keep sponsoring F1 rather than anything else.

The big question of course is who could replace him. My understanding was that CVC kept him on as the structure he had in place was so complicated only he knew how to manage it.
Bernie get's his say...

But Ecclestone told the BBC: "The comments I made about Hitler were taken completely out (of context) and I apologise. As far as cheating, I haven't made any comments.

"Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, aren't they? Why should his opinion be more important than mine? He doesn't come to races, he doesn't know the people involved."

With reference to the punishment for former Renault boss Briatore, who has received a life ban from the sport, he added: "Giving somebody life - they don't even do that for murder."

I'm astonished at the idea that Bernie can equate Flabio's life ban from involvement in Motor Sport to a life sentence in prison. Martin Sorrell appears to have a point.
Bernie's Quote

With reference to the punishment for former Renault boss Briatore, who has received a life ban from the sport, he added: "Giving somebody life - they don't even do that for murder."

Obviously it has escaped him that Flavio has not been jailed!

The similie is for fraudulant company officers where I believe the standard penalty is a life ban - that's the problem in your 79th year, sometimes you miss the point just a smidgeon
Here's a thought, one Max Rufus Mosley will be out of job shortly. Perhaps he fancy a move from Game Keeper to Poacher?

A few other potential candidates; Ron Dennis (all technical dossiers woudl have to be submitted to him for copying and approval before the start of the season), Brian Barwick (lots of experience c#cking things up at a major sporting organisation), Tony Blair (where there's cash there's Tony), Jackie Stewart (having lost his RBS sponsorship he might be struggling to make ends meet).

More serioulsy, how about Damon Hill? He has a great knowledge of F1, has run the BRDC and organised Grands Prix and is a well known and liked figure in the paddock. He also seems to make sense when he talks about F1, so that probably rules him out.
Not sure which thread to post this on as it involves, Renault, Bernie, Max, etc. so this is as good as any.

During an interview with London's Evening Standard newspaper, FIA President Max Mosley revealed that the 78-year-old billionaire actually voted against Briatore's lifetime ban.

"The council did not vote unanimously," he said. "A substantial majority were in favour of punishing Briatore but Bernie was in a minority."
Is this the sort of stuff the FIA President should be telling newspapers?

Is it an indication that Max and Bernie are starting to drift apart and Max is angling for Bernie's job?
Does it give us an idea of who was leaking all the data prior to Renault's hearing?

Ecclestone voted against Briatore ban - Mosley
You'd have thought a Barister would know better. Interesting if you take into account Bernie's interview with the BBC on Sunday where he said it was only one against Briatore's punishment.

I wouldn't be so sure that this was Max speaking out of turn, or a breach with Bernie as Bernie may have requested that Max blurt in order to heal his rift with Flavio as they are still business partners.

But I really don't know what to make of that possibility... :s
Bernie Ecclestone said:
“He’s supporting, I think, his religion against me making a little bit of a stupid statement some time ago, which just wasn’t a stupid statement, really it was misinterpreted."

I would say that the first phrase there: he's supporting his religion against me says volumes, and proves that the statement was not interpreted. Because I've heard of a politician who thought there was a Jewish conspiracy against him personally, then his country, then his Volk...
Why do you suppose Bernie would be trying to stop Ari from shaking Jean Todt's hand?

What does it have to do with him what the 2 Presidential candidates do?

I think you may be reading a bit too much into that Bro. I've watched it a couple of times and it looks to me like Bernie is actually trying to tell Ari that Todt wants to talk to him. He seems to be turning Ari to his right. I think it's made more complicated by Ari bumping into that bloke in the rubbish shirt.

Still, the shove in the back is a bit odd isn't it?
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