Interesting F1 photos from the past


I've been downloading a bunch of old Picture Packs from races gone by and there's always a couple shots that are really cool. I figured CTA needed a thread where people can post old Formula One photographs. I'll start it off with a couple images of F1 cars taking to the skies.

Here is Mika Hakkinen getting some good air off the curbs at Adelaide 93.

And this is Rubens Barrichello getting launched at Monza 94.
Rubens Barrichello (2).jpg
A glance at my avatar is another flying car, at flugplatz, nurnurgring i believe.

Fangio drifting* at rouen, great stuff :)

*not technically 4-wheel drift, as the wheels are not perfety alined, but close enough :)

How about this one?

Rolf Stommelen in the Eiffelland March Type 21 at Monaco 1972.

Rolf Stommelen.jpg

It looks like he should be in the pits watching TV on that thing. But at least the Eiffelland Caravans outfit had their priorities in order, making sure Rolf could see the cars coming up to lap him.
Now that car was just strange, it only did one or two races with the mirror like that didn't it?

OK, sTrAnGe, and semi-airborne:

1971, Ronnie Peterson lines his STP March 711 up for landing:

My apologies for the poor quality but this is scanned from the John Player Motorsport Yearbook 1976. This is Lauda and Regga introducing the 312 T2 to the press - notice the strange covers over the front wheels.
FB said:
Gilles Villeneuve too lazy to walk back to the pits at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1979

I seem to vaguely remember seeing this on an old VHS... possibly Murray's Magic Moments. (Did anyone else actually have that video?)
Wow! check that out!

Love that pic Bro - where's it from? worth enlarging and framing I reckon. I forgot how many sparks the cars used to produce.
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