If F1 was a .........., what would it be .........?


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Well why not, today we've had Sebastian's F1 analogy with his, If F1 was an Ice Cream Shop, it would only sell Vanilla.

We've also had Bernie's analogy attempt with, If F1 was a Rock Band, it would be the Rolling Stones without the Rolling Stones (no me neither).

So to open up an attempt at a F1 spoof, I'll start.

If F1 was a Car, it would be a Delorean - Beautiful, but you just know it's heading for trouble & wish it could back in time.



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If F1 was a Napple, it would be the rotten Napple at the bottom of the barrel?

It's not until you've bought the 'merchandise' on top that you discover how bad it's all getting.


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If F1 was a film it would be 'Eyes Wide Shut', an unexplainable mess but you keep watching because there are a couple of bits in it that you really want to see.


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If F1 was a cowardly soldier it would be a cowardly soldier with terrible aim, Always trying to shoot itself in the foot.
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