Hungarian GP Countdown Numbers Game


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Right, I posted this in the F1 forum, but if anyone wants a go:

The rules are you must, with the 6 numbers provided, and using only addition, multiplication, subtraction and division reach the target number.

25 (for a win)
6 (Car of last winner)
5 (Car of last pole)
5 (Car of last Fastest Lap)
6 (Cars Not Lapped)
8 (Position of Car #1)

And a random target of:


Why not?

EDIT: It can be done, I've got 983

I'm feeling quite proud of myself because I've done it. =]
Well I've gone for:

Took me a few minutes. Wheres Carol when you need her?

Edit: Different method to everyone else it appears :P
lol, thanks TBY.

Not too sure about my maths skills as I didn't see the nice way you two had of doing it. Simples always better :)
Pretty similar to Bro and TBY

8 X 5 = 40
40 X 25 = 1000
6 + 6 + 5 = 17
1000 - 17 = 983
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