How to build a Super Car - Mclaren style

Well that was fantastic, or should I say fanatic. I was expecting a load of robots and dehumanised drones, but actually this is a collection of mostly normal people (and some not so normal) going to work and doing a job. You could see that the people on the floor at McLaren consider thier employment as a privilege.

...and what a car!

I loved Ron Dennis' quote at the beginning with regards to the James Bond villain comparisons and that he was somewhat flattered by them as effectively he is trying to build the best possible facility from which to take on the world.
Er...suddenly my "Inside the MTC" column feels less of a parody...

When they followed Ron on one of his frequent inspections, my first thought was "Spanner Audit"! LOL

Pity they didn't show the command console, or the Mandatorium.

I see he'd removed all the pot plants before the BBC arrived too - perhaps they weren't looking their best? ;)
Does anyone know why this is called MP4-12C?

The MP4-12 was the 1997 F1 entrant wasn't it?

Just wondering if there was a link or any significance
From Wikipedia:

"'MP4' has been the chassis designation for all McLaren Formula 1 cars since 1981. Since 1997, 'MP4' has stood for McLaren Project 4 (from 1981 to 1996, when McLaren's title sponsor was Marlboro, the "M" stood for this), resulting from the merger of Ron Dennis' Project 4 organisation with McLaren. The '12' refers to McLaren's internal Vehicle Performance Index through which it rates key performance criteria both for competitors and for its own cars. The criteria combine power, weight, emissions, and aerodynamic efficiency. The coalition of all these values delivers an overall performance index that has been used as a benchmark throughout the car's development. The 'C' refers to Carbon, highlighting the application of carbon fibre technology to the future range of McLaren sports cars."
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