Poll How many stops at Suzuka?

How many stops at Suzuka?

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Now the question in general is how many stops would the eventual winner make during the GP to clarify anything.

Now moving on from the Singapore GP - which i thought was good. We move on to Suzuka a race which has been won by Red Bull in the last couple of years.

But back to the question how many stops will a driver make at the Japanese GP?
Using my (always wrong) psychic powers, I'm predicting that it will be an inter-inter-wet race, so 2 stops.


Just kidding - you weren't that far off to be honest about the amount of pit-stops from every car on the grid.

From a rough calculation (I mean rough) the total pitstops came to approx. 70-80, 5 for Hamilton 4 for Massa then 3 for the other 21 drivers and some of the pitstops for the dude that retired early, and a few that did 4... :)

I wonder how close my rough estimate is :thinking:
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