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Here are some cross word style clues to puzzle you at home or work. All the answers are former F1 drivers. Use the button to get the answer and if you're brave enough post and let everyone know how you did. If you cheat you only cheat yourself!!

1) Mount for a mixed up NOMAD?

Damon Hill

2) A french sounding village for an American John?

Jacques Villeneuves

3) Did he visit pubs in the Emerald Isle?

Innes Ireland

4) Looking for Jim?

James Hunt

5) Mick the Cobbler?

Michael Schumacher

6) Part Pernod Anise and part blush coloured wine?

Ricardo Rosset

7) Was this Daniel named after a flap?

Dan Gurney

8 ) You want to meet this lifting device once every 24 hours?

Derek Daily

9) A type of salt spins up an engine for his boy?

Peter Revson

10) The Silver standard for Lichen?

Stirlinlg Moss



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Oooh tricky :D

Without checking I think I've got half of them.
I'll have to work on the rest :s

I'll hide my answers so I don't spoil it for anyone else.

1. Damon Hill
2. Johnnie ?
3. Innes Ireland
4. James Hunt
5. Michael Schumacher
7. Dan Gurney
10. Stirling Moss


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I started out so well, I thought "this is easy!".... Then I got stuck! :unsure:

Anyway, here are my (few) answers... the ones I could get.

1) Damon Hill;
4) James Hunt;
5) Michael Schumacher;
7) Dan Gurney;
10) Stirling Moss
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