1982 - A Season Remembered

The 1982 Formula One season is a painful one for me.

Being a Canadian boy, Gilles was my hero...and I cried bitterly when I saw the TV pictures of his crash that Saturday in Belgium.

(I don't think i've cried since!)

I was a huge fan of not only Gilles, but of Formula One in general...but I couldn't bare to watch most of the races after that day (May 8th, if memory serves)...and the next one I watched was our own GP...and that too, unfortunately, had a fatal crash...right on the grid after the lights went to green!

I was a kid and immature at the time...but when I heard Pironi had crashed badly at Hockenheim, I was very happy.


Perverted, I know, but that's how I felt after the double blow that was Imola-Zolder.

I did see the finale' at Las Vegas...but the joy had been extinguised by then.

I finally got over my sadness and self-imposed exhile of watching GP races over that winter...and then started watching the races again at the start of the 1983 season.

As a wrap up of my little story, It was good to see Patrick Tambay win the San Marino GP at Imola in the Number 27 Ferrari that Spring...but that's a different year to this thread.

Those are my memories of 1982.
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