Haug Come Haug Gone!?

It could just be that he is worn out after 20+ years in his position. Spending decades dealing with the massive egos that predominate in F1 has to take a toll on anyone.
Or maybe he just didn't think he had it in him anymore to deal with all the attention Mercedes are going to get for next year.
Norbert Haug has clearly done a good job with the Mercedes motorsport brand. Only Bernie Ecclestone stays in his job forever and in fact Bernie's brain will probably still be running F1 from a jar in 50 years.

20 years is an incredibly long time for anybody to stay in a job in this day and age and Norbert is no spring chicken. I think he can retire happy with his achievements and it's only natural that he might want to turn it in after such a long tenure.
Haug's role is was all Mercedes motorsport though, not just F1.

Maybe the guy just fancied enjoying his life with some free time to do what he wants for a while?
20 years is a very long time considering that, in the UK at least, the average time of continuous employment in one company is less than 3 years.
Everyone has a sell by date, although the words coming out of Mercedes don't make it sound like it was Norbert's decision. Let's see who they get to replace him, Bobby Rahal perhaps? ;)
Lauda, 63, will take responsibility for liaising between the Mercedes board and the team, a role previously filled by Haug.

Now, this may be the most worry part of the whole article for Hamilton fans out there.. I know if it was my favourite driver going there, I would definitely be worried.

So, who's going to open the book on dates for Mercedes withdrawl from F1?
What I find interesting is that in all this news around changes at Mercedes no-one has even gone back a few days and looked at the "supposed" negotiations between one Schumi and Mercedes for him to continue his involvement in their motor sport efforts off the track. Where will he fit in to this change?
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