Happy Birthday To Us (and other milestones)


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I’m pleased to say that we have just reached the 100,000 post milestone.


Bearing in mind we were at exactly 33,000 posts after 969 days when we converted to the new software on January 29 last year, so to more than double that after just 359 days more is indicative of the growth the site has undergone in the last 12 months.

In reality we passed 100,000 posts a long time ago, but quite a few have been deleted and old forums removed, etc.

So with that said, this appears to be the 100,000th post: http://cliptheapex.com/threads/the-food-thread.1642/page-4#post-103924

This by the way, is post number 100,000: http://cliptheapex.com/threads/paul-di-resta.3606/page-2#post-100000

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute to the success of the site.


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Dammit. At least I'm quoted in it. This is the Sebastian Vettel in me clocking up the stats. Now if you could just go and "like" 188 of my posts I will achieve my 1:1 like ratio.

Well done, Brogan. I took a bit of a Christmas hoilday from the site but it's nice to be back. I like it here. Great job team.


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:birthday: Oh, oh. Time for a Rooters News special report. I :thinking:wondered what I ought to be doing today.:)

Nice one Brogan and congratulations :goodday: to you and the whole team for keeping it all together.:thumbsup:


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CTA has shown that civility can be retained, even over those with very strong vewpoints.

Congratulations Brogan, and the rest of the team.....:birthday:


Well done Bro! You've always had a vision for the site and I respect the dedication you've showed during some trying times. When I stumbled into CTA in 2009 I knew that I wouldn't have to venture anywhere else for my online F1 fix. Thank You!
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