Halogen ovens


I live alone and my cooker has decided not to bother working any more I was wondering has anyone used one of these new fangled halogen cookers? I know you can pick them up really cheap and I know they cook food really quickly, so I am thinking of getting one as heating a whole conventional oven just to cook for one person seems a bit wasteful any advice guys would be great cheers...
We have a halogen hob.
Given the choice I'd have gas every time.
Halogen is better than standard electric though as it heats quicker and is easier to clean.
I'm not stuck for space I have a two bedroom flat with separate lounge, dinning area and kitchen I was just wondering if anyone had used one and if they have then does it do what it says on the tin. also if they last, or would I have to change the halogen element every week that kind of thing.

But if it would be better to replace my oven or have it repaired then so be it that is what I will do, but this option seems to be best for a single guy living on his own energy wise that is..
I get it. They used to sell on QVC, that's usually a sign of a pretty good product - regardless of what the mob thinks. If it's got a long guarantee and is simple to use I think the efficiency argument makes it a winner.
From what I saw on the video it certainly seems like a good alternative.

I'm loathe to put the main oven on for one small dish, it's such a waste.
Brogan that is exactly my point I think I will buy one and give you all a genuine report on how good it is or isn't it just may be the thing I am looking for.

Maybe it is not as good as a conventional oven but a lot better than a microwave, watch this space.


As this is now a new thread I have altered my original post slightly so that it make sense.
If you do get one, make sure you update the thread.

I'd be interested to hear how practical/useful/convenient it is.
Get a double oven Mephistopheles (if you have space). Then you have a small one for just you and a larger oven if you are cooking for more. Most double ovens are a typical convection type in the smaller one (and a grill) and a fan oven in the larger one. Also very useful at Crimbo when you are trying to squeeze lots of things into one oven.
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