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August 2012, F1 Racing, pg.57


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Thanks to The Pits for pointing this out.

Although the site has been mentioned on various sites, in magazines and during the BBC F1 program, it has never been referenced on the BBC F1 site ... until now.

According to data from a website called Cliptheapex, on-track passing moves reduced year-on-year by 13% (from 59 to 51 per race) for 2012, stayed pretty much stable in 2013, then reduced by 16% in 2014 and by a further 30% this year.

Formula 1: Do Pirelli have the hardest job in the sport?

A link would have been nice Andrew ;)
I saw Benson's analysis on tyres in the sport, Pirelli's thankless task, and analysis of the number of overtakes from 2010 to now.
Great plug for cliptheapex
which is how I found your site ;)
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