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As promised :)

So from Bahrain in 2010 when there were just 21 overtakes, just 14 months on in Turkey we had...wait for it...an astonishing, and yet another record-breaking figure for F1 of 126!

Courtesy of cliptheapex.com, figures show that in the previous six years of the race being staged at the track, we had witnessed just 120 in total.

Spanish fans will faint with shock if we get that many on May 22 at the Circuit de Catalunya, a notoriously miserable overtaking venue, where there have been just 103 passes since 1995.


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Jake Humphrey just mentioned the overtaking stat's for the season and Turkey during the 2011 Spanish GP main qualifying program :D

No plug for the site unfortunately but it was definitely our data.


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Nope. Definitely ours.

296 overtakes for the season (which was the total before we added the 5 additional overtakes for Malaysia).
126 overtakes for Turkey.


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Good stuff then :thumbsup: Problem this those who aren't registered with us will assume that it is Mercedes data though.


Pg. 28 of F1 Racing (August 2011) that I got this morning had another mention of CTA!!! Well done to all the guys involved in the overtaking stats!
EDIT: About the number of overtakes in this season's GP's in relation to last year's.

Oh, and also, they're not very happy with the new tv deal and 96% of their letters are regarding it.
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