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I have always been a huge fan of a good lid on a driver. I am also one of the traditionalists I. The regard that I like drivers to keep the same helmet for their entire career (or at least for a full season). This is the marker that allows us to spot our favorite drivers. Even though they are now covered up with sponsors now they are still a vital tool for spotting our man (or woman depending on the sport or time frame).

I'd love for everyone to share their favorite helmet designs from F1 as well as other forms of motor- (or extreme-) sports.

I'll get started with one of my favorites:-

It may be boring but Nigel Mansel's helmet will always be one of my favorite helmets. I loved the simple design and patriotic colors. I have always liked predominately white helmets as they stick out on most cars.
Well obviously it's this one isn't it, enough said.

I've always been partial to the helmet design of Sir Jackie Stewart. White with the tartan was a simple yet very elegant design.
Always thought De Angelis helmet was really cool. I think the colours are those of Rome, his hometown. Alesi used a similar design as tribute to Elio. Later on JEV had a one-off design as a tribute to Alesi.

Sorry to bring him up, but I do like Hamilton's design. A nod to his hero, absolutely, but the design is in many ways different with the red creeping in too.

And it stands out; though not with the Rosberg comparison...
Some of Vettel's helmets are fantastic (the STRATOS, and Korea 2010 models standing out above the rest). However, too many of them are just far to crowded and messy for my taste. I know he is bound to the Red Bull sponsorship and that this is his only means of personalization. I just wish he would pick a design and stick with it. I know it's not his style, but it's what i would like.
Maybe he should have his finger painted on the back of a plain helmet so that it looks like he's flipping the bird to all the other drivers who can't catch him....
Bernie would argue that the best helmet design was that of Rindt at the 1969 Dutch GP. (It should be noted that Bernie was also Rindt's manager)
teabagyokel Hamilton's helmet is actually yellow because it allowed his Dad to spot him easier on the karting track, the fact that Senna used a yellow helmet is a coinkydink. I will say that I loved his McLaren helmet, it's a really nice shade of yellow and the coloured ribbons really finished it off nicely. I only wish I could say the same of his Mercedes effort :ermmm:.

I quite surprised no driver has tried a full chrome helmet (Trulli has used a partial one?), it would look fantastic at a race like Singapore.
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