Great Race!


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
We just got home (so to speak, we are still in the hotel) from watching the ALMS race at Road America, one of my favourite circuits in the entire world. It was a great race. The margin of victory was .08 sec after 4 hours of racing!

The second place finisher came from 3 laps down and took the lead with a mile to go. When the ultimate winner tried to reply to the pass, the leader, who could have forced his adversary up the pit road (and probably would have if this were an F1 race), played fair and gave him racing room.

It came down to a drag race on the finishing straight and the more powerful Mazda-engined car prevailed. And to top it off, there was no whining by the loser! Altogether a refreshing change.

If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favour and take in a Le Mans or ALMS race. You might find you have a new favourite form of racing.
Absollutely siffert_fan......The last 4 laps literally had me on the edge of my chair, and holding my breath on the las lap, until they reached the finishi9ng straight.......great stuff!.
Watching the last 15 minutes on YouTube right now really wished I couldve been home to watch racing today with that, MotoGP, and NASCAR all on major networks here in the states. Love Road America too! That place, Watkins Glen, and Laguna Seca are the meccas of American Road Racing.
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