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Now if Bernie had got his way this season we would have seen the introduction of the dreaded "Medal" system.

How would things be looking now then? Well if I understood the way it was going to work this weekend could have seen Jenson all but wrap up the world title with a win.

I think the Medal table would look something like this:

1st) Button - 6 wins and 72 points
2nd) Vettel - 2 wins and 47 points
3rd) Webber - 1 win and 51.5 points
4th) Rubens - 1 win and 54 points
5th) Hamilton - 1 win and 27 points
6th) Rosberg - 29.5 points
7th) Kimi - 24 points

Obviously the big winner under this system would be Vettel who moves up 2 places due to his two wins however, Webber would leapfrog Rubens thanks to Webber having one Bronze more than Rubens and Hamilton would leapfrog Rosberg thanks to Hammys one win.

The key factor in Spa would be if Jenson wins he would be on 7 wins with 5 races remaining meaning he could only be caught by Vettel and only then if Vettel wins every one of the remaining races to make it 7 wins each. Button would still be odds on for the title on countback because Vettel as 2 non-points finishes and 2 retirements going against him.

At the moment, Ruben, Webber and Vettel have a reasonable chance of catching Button but under Bernies medal plan they would have to win at least 5 of the remaining races to stand a chance and more bizarely if Hammy won all 6 remaining races he would be world champion regardless or how button finished. In medal world that would make Hammy World champion with 7 wins and 87 points which is only 15 points ahead of where Button is now.

Thankfully we don't have to worry about such issues.
I had been wondering about this. It does seem that under the medal system, the fact that Brawn were worse than Red Bull in Hungary is superceded by the fact that McLaren were better than both of them. Currently, of course, Barrichello and Hamilton are tied in the medal system despite the fact that Hamilton has twice the points that Hamilton has, and that two-thirds of Hamilton's points this season have come in just two races (Hun, Eur).

Are you saying Hamilton would beat Button in medal system if Hamilton wins all races because Button doesn't have a :2nd: ?
Well, yes and no TBY. If Hammy wins all 6 remaining races that would give him 7 wins to Buttons 6 however if as you say they both finish on the same number of wins (lets say that Hammy only wins 5 of the remaining 6 meaning that they both finish on 6 all and yes assuming that during all that Buttons best result is only 3rd then as I understand it Hammy would take the title on countback with 6 wins and a second to Buttons 6 wins and whatever......

Thankfully we don't have to try and get our heads around that mess. :snigger:
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