Poll Gallery - any interest?

Would a gallery be a worthwhile addition to the site?

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A new gallery add-on is available.

Would anyone be interested in being able to upload images to a gallery with defined categories?

Images can be rated, liked, commented on, just as with posts.

In the future there will also be a user album option, where members can have their own private (or public) albums and even share content between that and the site gallery.

I will post the link to the site once it goes public (it has not been made public yet).

Please let me know if there is any interest.

Edit: Link here - http://xenmediagallery.com/media/
Would be great for people sharing their own photos of F1 or motor racing experiences. Would also be great for the caption competitions. I would imagine that this would create further options for navigaton, too, with separation of content types.

Seems good.

Do you have a link to the demo on xenforo if there is one?
hmmm difficult one. I suppose if there were members who attended regular races or other motorsports events it would be a handy place to store pics that others could look at, rather than start a new thread every time they wanted to add pictures. Personally I would probably spend more time looking at others' galleries than uploading anything myself, or at least maybe only uploading once in a while. I'll put myself down as a 'don't know'.
As this has the potential to massively increase the data stored on the server, it is possible uploading may be restricted to recurring upgrade accounts only.

I would need to seriously think about how it would be implemented.
No, the existing post functionality would remain as is :)

This would just be a dedicated gallery but of course it would be easy to embed images from the gallery into posts too.
There is the option to copy the BB code for each image, either with or without thumbnail, with a single click.

OK, like it even more, if you decide to go ahead give me a shout about disk space as this server is not running a vast amount (and I have no idea how much you are currently using). We may be able to drop some more space in there if it is needed :)
So if a gallery was installed and people uploaded images to it you wouldn't use it at all?

I'm trying to gauge interest to see if it's worthwhile installing, whether that be for people who actively upload or just others who only view.

We don't currently have a working gallery system, just a regular forum.
Oh I forgot to add, the add-on has intentionally been called Media Gallery as a future update will allow video to be embedded.

So in effect one could create a video library or have categories of videos covering a specific subject.
I might have occasion to upload some images and would be interested to see pictures others care to share.
These polls never get lots of votes but the initial response looks to be in favour of installing a gallery add-on.

Thank you to everyone who has voted and posted.
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