Ford suing Ferrari over use of F150 name

I can see that there may well be a huge amount of confusion.

Ford F-150


Ferrari F150

Given Ferrari's propensity to sue anyone who even thinks about using the Ferrari name without permission I do find this quite amusing. Remember when Batracer (a crappy on line game for heavens sake) was shut down with threats of legal action from Maranello.

What comes around goes around. Maybe a suitable compromise woudl be either for the Ferrari F1 cars to carry the Ford roundal on the airbox or they change their name to Scuderia Marlboro Ford Ferrari?
Has be one of the classics.
I can remember way back in the 60's when Ford launched the Ford Cortina.
The town of Cortina in Italy sued them for trademark infringement.They lost.
Slightly off topic but in 1989 after the Berlin Wall came down and "peristroika" happened British haulage companies started to run into Poland.There was a problem with British trucks made by Foden.At the Polish border they were all refused entry unless they removed the name plates or covered them with tape.Apparently the word Foden in Polish is very similair to a Polish word which means "Cupid stunt" if you get my meaning.
None.When the Escort was introduced escort still meant its original meaning.As in escort duty during the war.
Gay is another example of words changing meanings.Being an ancient old codger I knew women who named Gay when I was younger.
I know a story about a sole trader who was told he couldn't claim "Escort Service" as an allowable expense when doing his tax return...
Isn't there a problem in F1 broadcasting in Brazil with using the word Virgin, in case anyone confuses the Virgin Mary and Richard Branson, or something?

Could be.But sadly my imagination doesn't stretch that far.But living where I do and working a lot in a Russian speaking community I have learned to my cost just how difficult languages can be.
I can speak Russian but far from fluently.Russian is a very complicated language with words being either masculine or feminine.The same word with the wrong ending can result in a bear hug or a punch on the nose.
When someone says "where is the other little brat" what they actualy mean is "where is the other little brother".Fortuanately my accent gives me away as being a foreigner and most people are quite undetrstanding.
There are, of course, the MR2 story in France which with the word deux on the end makes it sound like the French word for shit; and Arsenal, when sponsored by Sega in the 90's, used Dreamcast shirts during their European games as a sega in Italian is slang for a hand shank.

Has this thread lost it's way a little...

Serioulsy though, what do Ford hope to achieve with this apart from some cheap publicity? For instance F150 is the American test method for Electrical Resistance of Conductive and Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring. Presumably Ford will sue the ASTM Institute as well?

That said, if you Google F150 the Ford truck is now lost in amongst a load of results on the new Ferrari F1 car so I suppose they might have a point.
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